Step 1: Pitch Prep LITE


The first step in our Career Writer Program is the Pitch Prep Program, where writers hone their written & verbal pitch, mold their brand, and get prepared to properly market their material!

In Pitch Prep LITE, you get all the instruction of the full Pitch Prep Program, but without the benefit of multiple rounds of written material review.

So you're finally getting the hang of this writing thing. But when it comes time to pitch it, your amazing story is not coming through. Or worse, you freeze up and have no idea what to say - and you can't figure out why. Roadmap understands your frustration, which is why we've put together Pitch Prep LITE, revolving all around pitching and how to master your pitch! 

Train with the Roadmap Team and working industry executives to refine your pitch and figure out what's breaking down in translation and how to build it up! 

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