Success Stories

Our Writers Have Been Signed by Companies Including:

Our list of screenwriter successes is constantly growing!

Below are just some of the opportunities our screenwriters have received after utilizing our training services.

Marc Messenger: Signed a development deal for his script with Robert Cort Productions
Ijaaz Noohu: Signed by APA
Hakim Hill: Signed by Anthem Entertainment
Cath Gulick: Script optioned by Bigscope Films (with Cath set to direct)
Shane Isheev: Pilot set up at ImageMovers
Angie Engelbert: Signed shopping agreement with producer Kaia Alexander
Julianne Wargren: Optioned a game deal with Radioactive Productions
Craig Holland: Signed by Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management (from Roadmap Authors)
Nicole Eilers: Signed by AAO Entertainment
Aimee Adell: Signed by The Jackson Agency (developed her pilot that got her signed in a Roadmap class)
Samantha Clay: Signed by Zero Gravity (our JumpStart Competition Grand Prize Winner and Guaranteed Signing)
Janelle Malak: Signed by REJ Entertainment
Paul Baiguerra: Signed by CK Entertainment
Lisa Edwards: Signed by WME
Tate Hanyok: Signed by ICM
Kayona Brown: Landed writing assignment writing a short starring Viola Davis that aired at the Super Bowl (read press release here!)
Tony Scott: Signed by Paper Plane Entertainment
James Evans: Signed by Bellevue Productions
Richard Seidman: Signed Shopping Agreement with Cranium Entertainment
James Evans: Yellow Bird (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) attached to develop his pilot
Joey Hargrove: Signed by Kersey Management
Quincy Cho: Signed by AAO Entertainment
Jessica Kantor: Signed by Wolf + Lapin
Gina Merchan: Signed by AAO Entertainment
Gina and Lisa Gomez: Signed by Empirical Evidence
Lila Kalick: Signed by Trident Media Group (from Roadmap Authors)
DaManuel Richardson: Signed by Bellevue Productions (JumpStart Competition Finalist)
Milan Tomasevic: Optioned by 5X Media
Anita Brandt Burgoyne: Optioned by Cranium Entertainment
KC Kramer: Signed by Chamber 37 Entertainment
Sonita Singh: Signed by Trident Media Group (from Roadmap Authors)
Eileen Alvarez: Signed by Gersh (through our partnership with The PAGE Awards)
Claire Tailyour: Signed by Echo Lake (through our partnership with The PAGE Awards)
Benjello Jacob: Signed by Luber Roklin
Amena Khestchin-Kamel: Signed by The Seymour Agency (from Roadmap Authors) (watch her Success Story Webinar!)
Mary Albanese: Signs shopping agreement with Revisionist Media
Daniel Lafrentz, Chris Grillot & Ezra Herz: Lands development deal with Studio 71
Vanessa Leigh: Signed by First Friday Entertainment
Neil Stevens: Signed by First Friday Entertainment
Anita Brandt Burgoyne: Producer John Shepherd (1917) attached to her script
Lena Murisier: Signed by Untitled Entertainment
Mika Frank: Signed by Meridian Artists
Charlie Peppers: Signed by Gersh (through a free script read!). He was then hired to write a screenplay for Cavalry Media with Robert Luketic (LEGALLY BLONDE) directing
Gia Miller: Signed by Wolf + Lapin
Rachel Fischer: Signed by Epigram
James Moorer: Signed by KDX Entertainment (watch his Success Story Webinar!)
Kenyetta Raelyn: Signed by Circle of Confusion
Erica Land: Signed by Recon Literary
Ashlei Hardenburg: Signed by First Story Entertainment
Brandon Constantine: Signed by Housefire Management. He then had his script optioned by Lionsgate and signed with Paradigm. (watch his Success Story Webinar!)
Shawn Parikh: Signed by Klasco Entertainment. He then won the NBCUniversal Writers on the Verge Fellowship (read Deadline article!)
Ted Campbell: Signed by Zero Gravity
LaDarrion Williams: Signed by WSA Entertainment
Terri Viani: Signed by Zakaria Entertainment Group
Aarthi Ramanthan: Signed by First Friday Entertainment
Jakob Burgos and Toren Burgos: Signed by Circle of Confusion 
Heather Hamel: Script optioned by Soul Cognition 
Benji Smith: Sold pilot to Warner Bros.
Shannon Davies: Signed by Schemers Entertainment
Alan Horsnail: Signed by ROAR (read Deadline article!)
Alessandro Pederzoli: Signed by 3 Arts Entertainment
Amena Khestchin-Kamel: Signed by Seth Nagel Management. This led Amena to get hired for two writing assignments with the producer of Netflix's RATCHED.
Gayle Jackson: Signed by Kersey Management
Sam Tahhan: Signed by The Cartel
Nicola Pittam: Signed by Insignia Entertainment
Jared Goodman: Script picked up by The Wolper Org
Jess Carson: Signed by Echo Lake Entertainment and hired to write Off-Broadway musical. She then signed with WME and was staffed on THE FLASH (which is her first TV credit!)
Kristina Thomas: Signed by First Story Entertainment
Kathryn Rushent: Signed by Content House
Jeff Tuttle: Signed by management company Schemers Entertainment. He then signed with agency, APA.
Sanjeev Sirpal: Signed by Schemers Entertainment
Julianne Wargren: Signed shopping agreement with Bohemia Group Originals
Bo Shim: Signed by Mosaic
Julianne Wargren: Signed by Paper Plane Entertainment
Lisa Hepner: Optioned by former exec at Gaumont
Shruti Saran: Signed by Affirmative Entertainment and CAA.
Shane Tully and Britt Middleton: Signed by Content House
Jessica Kantor: Signed shopping agreement with MadRiver Pictures
Seth Renshaw: Signed by Housefire Management
Melody Cooper: Signed by The Cartel
Kristina Thomas: Signed by Abrams Artists
Selene Castrovilla: Signed shopping agreement with Artistic Vision Entertainment
Briana Hansen: Signed by WSA Entertainment
Aadip Desai: Signed by Good Fear I Signed by Kaplan Stahler. Aadip was then named one of BAFTA 2020 Breakthrough Talents. Read Deadline article here!
Dreux Dougall: Signed by Abrams Artists
Craig Holland: Signed by Gotham Group
Shane Isheev: Signed by Epigram
Shar Carter: Signed by Kersey Management
Julianne Wargren: Script optioned by Radioactive Productions
Laura Bennett: Signed by APA
Tom Foran: Signed by Bohemia Group
Maciej Kawalski: Signed by Content House
John Murphy: Signed by Romark Entertainment
Jon Shaivitz: Signed by Housefire Management
Francesca Varisco: Signed by Schemers Entertainment
Ziyad Saadi: Signed by Fictional Entity. He then had his script Optioned by Independent Edge Films.
Ella Jane New: Developing pilot with AGBO
Jeremy Kriss: Signed by Bohemia Group Originals
Aimee Pitta: Optioned by Reel One
Guy McDouall: Optioned by New Republic Pictures
Emily Palizzi: Signed by WSA Entertainment
Julian Ouanes: Signed by Circle of Confusion
Tom Foran: Optioned by Bohemia Group Originals
Jeremy Svenson: Signed by Zero Gravity
Ori Kowarsky: Signed by Content House
Alyssa Radmand Devine & Griffin Devine: Signed to Echo Lake Entertainment
Vanessa Benton: Signed by Affirmative Entertainment. She then was staffed on the Netflix series THE SANDMAN. She then signed with Kaplan-Stahler Agency. 
Azia Squire: Signed by APA. She was then staffed on a Series for Paramount and BET, staffed on a Netflix series called TINY PRETTY THINGS, and was Hired to rewrite the action-adventure reboot ROCKETEER for Disney, and was hired to write a feature with Universal with Don Cheadle producing (after a mutli-studio bidding war). Read Deadline article here!
Alexandra Hartman: Hired to write a podcast for producer Aron Coleite
Jeff Hassen & Sean Plemmons: Script optioned by Bohemia Group Originals
Shawn Parikh: Webseries produced by TDR Media
Evan Iwata: Signed by Meridian Artists
James Rogers III: Signed by Gotham Group (in association with the Writers Assistant Network) 
C.S. Fischer: Signed by Fictional Entity
Janis Brody: Signed by APA
Colin Adams-Toomey and Dan Witherall: Signed by Schemers Entertainment
S. Christian Roe: Signed by Schemers Entertainment
Jennifer Mulligan: Signed by Insignia Entertainment
Gregg Diller: Signed by MacroManagement
Meredith Levine and Andrew Stone: Signed by Circle of Confusion
Laura Brienza: Signed by Tradition Pictures
Alan Baxter: Signed by Recon Literary
Jana Zinser:  Signed by Tradition Pictures 
Amanda Keener: Signed by Tradition Pictures 
Betty Sullivan: Signed by Fictional Entity
Brandon Lee Reily: Script Picked Up by Echo Lake Entertainment
Jared Gordon: Signed by Kersey Management
Travis Lemke: Signed by Zero Gravity Management
Dempsey Tillman: Signed by Kersey Management
Michael Onofri: Signed shopping agreement with First Story Entertainment
Tate Hanyok: Signed by manager Kendrick Tan at Lit Entertainment Group
Matt Zoni: Signed by Island Park Entertainment
E Napoletano: Signed by Industry Entertainment
Martin Gomez: Signed by Schemers Entertainment
Gregg Diller: Signed by Believeland Entertainment
Nicola Pittam: Signed by Mailroom (watch her Success Story Webinar!)
Jaquie Brown: Signed by CAA | Signed by 3 Arts Entertainment (watch her Success Story Webinar!)
Tyler Spiers: Signed by Mailroom. He then was staffed by WWE Studios 
and landed a writing assignment for Academy Award winning producer Dan Jinx (AMERICAN BEAUTY, BIG FISH) and currently has a half-hour animated series with Marlon Wayans attached.
Alexandra Hartman: Signed by Grandview
Dorothy Pecoraro-Bertram: Signed by Mosaic
Norwood Holland: Signed Shopping Agreement with Artistic Vision Entertainment
Pippa Hinchley: Signed Shopping Agreement with Bohemia Group Originals
Lucy Luna: Signed by 831 Entertainment. She was then Hired to write a horror film for producer Gerardo Gatica
Craig Guerra: Signed Development Deal with Eighty 8 North Productions
Bianca Ursillo: Signed by Grade A Entertainment. She then Co-wrote episodes on the AMC series DISPATCHES FROM ELSEWHERE
Melissa Emery: Signed by Adrian Garcia at Recon Literary
Kimberley Gillis: Signed Shopping Agreement with Eighty 8 North Productions
Allen Glover: Signed by Housefire Management. His pilot was then Picked Up by Atlas Entertainment.
Sharon McKenna: Signed by Bohemia Group
Lisa Edwards: Signed Shopping Agreement with Bohemia Group Originals
Ericka Nicole Malone: Signed Shopping Agreement with Producer Nick Fullen-Collins
Nicola Pittam: Signed Shopping Agreement with MailroomLA
Michael Shapiro: Signed Shopping Agreement with Tradition Pictures
Ward Parry: Signed by Zero Gravity Management | Signed by The Gersh Agency I Signed by Gotham Group
Dorothy Pecoraro-Bertram: Script optioned by Route One Entertainment
Steven Bolia: Signed by Bohemia Group
Derrick Pete: Signed by Kersey Management
Mark Bedard: Signed by Insignia Entertainment
Craig Berger: Signed by Meridian Artists
Kelly Costello: Signed by Gotham Group
Jela Okpara: Signed by Believeland Management
Douglas Wolfe: Signed by Abrams Artists. He then wrote the feature LONG NIGHT which was produced and starred Bruce Willis
Giovanni Porta: Signed Shopping Agreement with CSI Producers
Christine McVie: Signed Shopping Agreement with Bohemia Group Originals
Brandon Constantine: Signed by DMG Entertainment | Script optioned by First Point Entertainment
Melody Cooper: Signed by Circle of Confusion
John Covarrubias: Signed by The Shuman Company. He was then staffed on the Starz series HIGHTOWN and is in development for a limited series with CBS
Joel Fishman: Signed by Equitable Stewardship for Artists (ESA)
Judy Newton & Skip Berry: Signed by Paper Plane Entertainment
Brian Gerber: Signed by Kersey Management
Jim Soscie: Signed by Infinity Management International
Andy Froemke: Signed by Believeland Entertainment. His script was then Optioned by Amazon Studios (watch his Success Story Webinar!)
Jason Director & Ayla Harrison: Signed by The Gersh Agency
Josh Gilbert: Signed by Affirmative Entertainment. He then signed with Kaplan-Stahler Agency. 
Troy Hampton: Signed by Kersey Management
Ross Mihalko: Signed by Schemers Entertainment
Producer Nick Oleksiw discovers script from an Open Pitch and is now greenlit with MGM and Eli Roth attached to produce
Natalie Hanson: Signed by Metric Talent & Literary Management | Attached producer Jasper Grey (Fortunate Falls) and director Brett Leonard to her horror feature
Jeff Hassen & Sean Plemmons: Signed by Metric Talent & Literary Management
Jacey Heldrich: Signed by The Gotham Group
Diane Hanks: Signed by Bellevue Productions
Kieron Holland: Signed by Hopscotch Pictures
Effie Michelle-Matallidis: Signed by The Mission Entertainment | Script picked up and packaged by Untitled Entertainment
Emma Steele: Signed by The Gersh Agency
Gayle Jackson (January 2017 Diversity Initiative Winner): Signed by Insignia Entertainment
Geraint Jones: Signed by Lee Stobby Entertainment
CM Landrus: Signed Shopping Agreement with LINK Entertainment
Anzu Lawson: Executive Producer of NARCOS signed on as her script's showrunner
Collette Legault: Signed by Housefire Management
Scott March: Signed by Believeland Management
Betty Sullivan: Signed by Requiem Entertainment
Jamie Levey: Landed writing assignment with The Garcia Companies
Jan Libby: Signed by First Friday Entertainment
Kris Lippert: Signed by MailroomLA
Julie Livingston: Signed by Schemers Entertainment. Her pilot was also picked up by The Hawk Koch Company.
Richard Lowe: Signed by Circle of Confusion
Michael Madden: TV Pilot picked up by Producer Damon Lane
Marni Sullivan: Signed by LOCUS Entertainment
Matt and Jordan Toronto: Signed by LOCUS Entertainment
Miley Tunnecliffe: Signed by Fictional Entity
Michael Wright: Signed by Writ Large
Colin Watts: Signed by DMG Entertainment | Script picked up by Bleiberg Entertainment