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I loved speaking with Joey about my pilot! It was not only fun, but his notes were extremely helpful, actionable, and motivating. Joey was also supportive of me overall, listened, and was ready to help me even beyond my script. So appreciative and happy I had the opportunity to have him read my work.

Allison Chaney, Screenwriter

Joey obviously really cares about writers. It really shows. He carefully read my script and provided me with insightful, easy-to-understand notes that helped streamline my script. I can see why he's in such high demand. Joey comes across as a kind, caring person that really just wants to help writers no matter what stage they are in their journey.

Po Lin, Screenwriter

Joey's overview of what will and will not appeal, and who will be receptive to the scripts we are writing is his unique selling point. In addition, his enthusiasm for his writers' scripts and talent means that after communicating with him, we are inspired to try a little bit harder. Joey offers a service which can, if we are talented enough, bring our dreams closer to realization.

Debbie Simmons, Screenwriter

Joey's enthusiasm for the project was really appreciated. His notes were excellent - they were specific and also really improved the script. I actually just finished implementing his notes!

Laura Kirk, Screenwriter

I respect Joey's input and he is great at small details. I really like that he understands the work. Often, in feedback sessions, it appears that the person did not read the work by the comments I receive, but his notes have been most helpful in my rewrite and package completion.

Debbie Oliver, Screenwriter

Andrew was very good at emphasizing the positive aspects of every script, whether or not he came down positively or negatively overall. He was very considerate and well spoken on how he conveyed criticism but it was always clear he was familiar with the material and was speaking from a wealth of knowledge in the industry.

Jeremy Palmer, Screenwriter

Chris was professional, courteous, genuine, and relaxed. We brainstormed a few ideas to elevate the stakes in the script. It was an enjoyable conversation with value. I met him at the Roadmap Roundtable at the 2022 Austin Film Festival and really appreciated how he listened to each person, giving each of us his attention. This is the kind of executive that makes Roadmap great! Thank you for the connection. He said to stay in touch. I'm very happy!

Marie Etzler, Screenwriter

Greer actually matches her experience as she has worked with producers who get movies made. She's knowledgeable, professional and provided one area to explore in a complex character and story. I enjoyed our session. I would highly recommend her.

JD, WGA Member

By far the best script feedback I've received. Val was clear about what worked, specific about what didn't, offered practical fixes and most importantly, wasn't afraid to name the elephant in the room - something prior exec's were unable or unwilling to do. But it's the absolute game-changer and I am beyond grateful.

Stacy Bannerman, Author & Screenwriter

Nathan was awesome to work with. I could tell he really took the time to read my pilot and put thought into its strengths and weaknesses. His feedback was very collaborative, wanting my thoughts on how to elevate the script while providing his own thoughts that really stirred new scene and story ideas. He is hands down the best executive I have worked with.

Will Raines, Screenwriter

As a screenwriter who operates in the sci-fi/fantasy sphere, Michael is an absolute joy to work with. He understands these genres inside and out, and because of that was able to find exactly where my TV pilot was coming up short. He continued to communicate with me regularly on my rewrite and not only greatly improve the main character thread of the story, but better tie it to the overall setting and mythos and leave me with a pilot that provided a far stronger read. If you like to write science fiction and fantasy stories with loads of myth and world-building, I highly recommend collaborating with him if you can.

Daniel McNaught, Screenwriter

I've wanted to take this program for so long & I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity. Every lecture and roundtable was loaded with so much incredible information. This month built up my confidence so much & energized me for the new year, and that's a great feeling. My coach Tristan was such a knowledgeable & supportive (& hilarious!) guide.

Stella Ruggiero, Screenwriter

I LOVED my consultation. Specific notes after a careful read, Todd was really easy to talk to and great about making sure I was getting the most out of his notes, answering any questions I had. I'm super excited to rewrite! I would love to work with Todd again.

Jenny Taylor-Whitehorn, Screenwriter

Truly would never have happened without Roadmap getting me on Jon's radar.

Catherine Schetina, Screenwriter
Her script PURE is #1 on 2022 Blacklist.
(Roadmap introduced her to Jon Hersh, her manager at Housefire Management)

Jason's feedback was not only actionable and clear, he did a great job of laying out his approach to managing writers - and helping them both hone their craft and supercharge their career. Great guy. Invaluable session.

Rudi O'Meara, Screenwriter

Conrad's lecture is a great one to revisit before starting any new project. He helps you get back to the basics, and provides a checklist for the essential ingredients of a script.

Stella Ruggiero, Screenwriter

It's really valuable to have access to his level of expertise and experience. Brad's recommendations targeted precisely the areas I can work on before marketing this script.

Greg Price, Screenwriter

Becca was friendly and made me feel comfortable even though I was nervous. Her notes and advice were clear and helpful, and I felt like she'd really taken the time getting to know the characters and material.

Ell Orion, Screenwriter

Roadmap (Joey specifically) jumped in at a time when I felt lost and seamlessly assisted me in finding reps. From sending my samples out, to following up with reps, there was no task too small for the Roadmap team. Joey went as far as emailing avails back and forth while I attempted to get a zoom meeting set (something he did not have to do, but generously did). The team truly made my representation hunt, quick and easy. On top of that, I met some amazing people, and though I could only choose one company to sign with, I expanded my network due to Roadmap's recommendation, time, and selectivity. Thank you Roadmap, you're a gem!

Ashley Victoria Hudson, Screenwriter

Matt is classy, has commercial taste, and is not only great with story, but he knows how to distill his advice/knowledge into digestible bites for emerging writers. He has a confident, but gentle approach to help you get to the next level. I'm so glad I was able to find him on Roadmap to help me with this passion project.

-H.P., Screenwriter

I really appreciated Kyle's energy and enthusiasm. It gave me the boost I needed to get through a pretty heavy re-write that I hadn't been looking forward to!

-Matt Walker, Screenwriter

Greer's depth of experience in development and production for both features and TV, plus her love of character & story make her a terrific consultant. Her pragmatic & collaborative perspective on the first 15 pages of my dramedy led to a great meeting and exciting notes, which streamlined my opening scenes with snap & flow.

-Bradford Richardson, Screenwriter

In such a short time, Andrew provided incredibly important and insightful feedback and was at the same time generous, funny, and grounded. Thank you so much to him!

-Alex, Screenwriter

Truly exceptional. As a result of my one hour consultation with Sarah, I discovered a way to powerfully restructure my first 15 pages in a way that I hadn't found before. Her notes were instructive and insightful, and she was also an incredible listener and a generous conversationalist. She helped me explore and identify numerous ways I could better accomplish my script goals while at the same time making me feel comfortable, supported, and encouraged in the process. Her influence on my work was invaluable and she will be without question the first person I turn to for a script consultation in the future.

-Alex, Screenwriter

Nicholle demonstrated a very thorough read of the material and gave a very in-depth overview of where I could improve. She's given me a lot to think about in terms of rewriting, particularly on a project that is very dear to me!

Daniel McNaught, Screenwriter

Sarah gave me incredible notes on my pilot. She was patient, open, and generous beyond belief! Overall, she was open to giving 'the note behind the note' (both kind and also straight to the point, no BS, which I love). Sarah was also willing to brainstorm with me in a fun, collaborative way. I highly recommend her.

Jasmine, Screenwriter

These Q&A sessions are the perfect marriage of candid conversations and questions without boundaries. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet executives, learn from their experiences, and leave a lasting impression of your own. All that’s missing is a cup of coffee.

Larry C - Top Tier Writer

Brian is now my go to for early draft work, his analysis and ideas are very useful without overpowering the original intent of the material. I would not hesitate to recommend Brian when you have a good draft that you want to turn into a great draft.

Paul Baiguerra, Screenwriter

There's nothing better than these informal no-agenda meetings with awesome industry professionals. Not only is it a time to help build and maintain a healthy mindset for a writer navigating the professional world but also it's the perfect opportunity to remember we're all just people trying to make good movies happen and have a good time!

Tristan J Shuler, Roadmap Writers' Access Programs Coordinator & Success Story #229

Before Roadmap. I was feeling extremely lost about how to pursue a professional writing career. Once I joined the Career Writer Program, I acquired more tools and knowledge in the first month than I had in years of trying on my own. I now understand how to talk about my projects and my brand with such ease, which was exactly what I needed to sign with my first literary manager! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the Career Writer Program—not only do I have skills and confidence I will use throughout my career, but I also have a community of support that I will lean on forever. Worth every penny!

Kristina Denton, Roadmap Signed Screenwriter #254

Just wanted to let you know what's going on with me... I sold a pitch late last year to a MAJOR animation studio and am now co-writing a feature for them!! I honestly couldn't have done it without the Career Writer Program! It got me comfortable in front of execs and helped me craft a super tight pitch. Thank you so much for truly preparing me to shine whenever these opportunities arise.

Jaclyn Chan, Diversity Initiative Winner (August 2018)

Roadmap changed the game for me. The Career Writer Program was instrumental in getting eyeballs on my work. I think every writer should take Dorian's logline workshop in the Pitch Prep Program. Her formula is genius and taught in a way that sticks! I've had 8 different scripts requested in less than two months and that's because my loglines tell a story and have helped me stand out. Thank you for helping me on this road to getting a rep. Now that I'm signed, I'm so excited to really get to work!

Jaime Kawamoto, Roadmap Signed Screenwriter #255

Hayley goes deep into every aspect of the script and I appreciate that. Nothing is surface level. My back and forth with her was informative and constructive. I'll definitely be doing another consult with her.

Anonymous Screenwriter

Janet can always get right to the essence of what is needed to enhance a story. She has a gift with character and makes comments specific enough that the writer has a clear path for revisions. She has great energy and enthusiasm. Always a pleasure to work with Janet!

Cheryl Mott Smith, Screenwriter

Daniel was prompt, considerate, and gave genuine, thoughtful feedback very quickly after our session. I could not have had a better experience! Thanks for this and everything you guys do at Roadmap!

Andrew Adair, Screenwriter

I've never met someone who knows story as well as Chris. His insights into the state of my writing and useful suggestions are backed up by his expansive knowledge of film. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor.

David Karner, Screenwriter

Maddie has a terrific, collaborative imagination! After integrating Maddie's notes, my Sci-Fi Pilot, SOLARPUNKS, became a Semifinalist in the 2021 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition.

Bradford Richardson, Screenwriter

David was excellent! He made me feel relaxed throughout my first verbal pitch ever! He offered very knowledgeable advice to move forward with and gave me solid suggestions in a very encouraging way, to make improvements with. I would be delighted for the opportunity to pitch to him on this project after implementing his suggestions, or with any of my other projects as well, in the future.

Dianne Greenlay, Screenwriter

Max's feedback pushed our feature in an exciting direction! Well worth the cost of the program!

Stella Ruggiero, Screenwriter

As a fan of Berlanti Productions, I was initially nervous, but Max's polite and friendly nature really put me at ease. He is highly insightful, especially when it comes to storytelling and was able to offer notes that turned my story from being just a great script into something that could possibly be a very exciting TV show. I would certainly work with him again.

Rachel Attwood, Screenwriter

Chris is truly terrific: organized, concise, knowledgeable, and full of good advice always. His guidance really helped me get my portfolio ready for prime time!

Michael Conniff, Screenwriter

Chris is one of my FAVE execs! He was professional, kind, truthful, helpful, and encouraging. He offered suggestions for elements that did not work so well and kudos for those that did. He provided detailed feedback that helped me have options going forward and encouraged me to submit an improved script for a longer feedback session. He was interested in my project from a perspective of helping me be a better writer vs. just trying to get through the meeting and move on. I appreciated his manner and excellent tips and I will definitely be seeking his feedback in the future. I HIGHLY recommend him!

Anonymous Screenwriter

Audrey was really helpful. I've heard similar notes about my structure before, but I never heard it explained as clearly and concretely as Audrey did. I'm so glad I signed up for this session and was able to connect with Audrey!

Darci Faye, Screenwriter

Audrey is very straight-forward, blunt even. Not for everyone, but for my stubborn writer brain, it worked perfectly! She makes sure to start and end each session with positive aspects & compliments, and she's very helpful if you're actually open to hearing what she's saying. She's great at structure and even gives specific solutions to page problems to make the story an easier read. I would recommend Audrey to any writer who is serious about starting their career and is not easily defensive when getting notes about structure.

Anonymous Screenwriter

I cannot recommend Audrey enough - from moment one, she brought in a down to earth real-person demeanor, and then when we got into the work, her feedback was actionable, no-bullsh*t, and the real deal. She has a steady finger on the pulse of this industry & knows what works and what doesn't. I'm so grateful for the few sessions I've done with Audrey, all of which eventually led to a working relationship where she's now taking out some of my scripts for staffing & development opportunities!

Tristan J Shuler, TV Writer

Mark's notes have triggered breakthroughs on some really tough script issues that I have struggled with for quite a while. He seems to get what I'm trying to do with a script, and his suggestions have always been consistent with the core vision I started out with. Sometimes notes reflect a lot about the person giving them and would push a script in a direction that reflects their tastes more than mine - but Mark has a knack of making suggestions that improve the script without intruding on my role as the writer or leading me in directions that I later have to backtrack on.

Greg Price, Screenwriter

Jay was extremely thorough, I felt he genuinely wanted to help me become a better writer. His feedback was helpful.

Anonymous Screenwriter

Jay was very insightful, incredibly helpful, and very generous of his time. A "real person" who told you like it is in the industry. Seemed to have great instincts and a great handle on the market. I couldn't have been happier.

Anonymous Screenwriter

Edward was fantastic. He had a good, low-key vibe and really good insights. It didn't hurt that he thought I had a solid idea!

Harker Jones, Screenwriter

Grateful for our Skype time. I felt I communicated the heart of the script, and more so, Daniel was attentive and receptive, so there was a flow space between us. Even if nothing comes of it, it was an empowering experience in its own right.

Richard Winzeler, Screenwriter

While Roadmap connects writers with many fine execs, Janet is far and away my favorite. Her feedback is always the right mix of supportive yet revision-oriented; I always come away with incredibly valuable insights and new ways of seeing my writing. Her professional yet friendly personality is also top-notch.

Anonymous Screenwriter

David was so easy to speak with - the time flew by! I would love to work with him again. We had a great rapport, and he had wonderful insight...and gave me some strong things to consider in future projects.

Robb Charles Hanson, Screenwriter

Mark cares about your project and it comes across in his ease and likability. His notes are thoughtful and considerate. He never once made me feel pressured or anything less than a creative. You truly feel he's in your corner and he breaks down your work in ways that are easily understood. I have much appreciation for him in this mentorship.

Anonymous Screenwriter

Mark not only identifies key script issues but generates multiple options to resolve them. He's great at finding ways to move forward.

Anonymous Screenwriter

Brian was AMAZING! It's clear he's put in his 10,000+ hours in the biz. His notes were not only helpful, but they sparked great ideas that we batted back and forth. He helped make my pilot better by just talking through it! He expressed genuine enthusiasm about me and my writing, this particular pilot, and asked me to send him other materials. Yay!

Lisa Steadman, Screenwriter

"I’ve been working for this for a long time, with lots of ups and downs, and it's only through Roadmap Writers that it could have happened, especially for a writer in Australia.”

Vicki Englund, Screenwriter

She's AH-MAZING. She's a visual thinker with a bright imagination who combines her depth of Development & Production experience with insightful storytelling and character development skill into specific notes, which I know will really help my pages stand out.

Roadmap Writers gives good guidance to hopeful writers looking to become published authors.

Mark Gottlieb, Literary Agent @ Trident Media Group

Working with Roadmap has been a real pleasure and a treasure trove of good writing. I attend many writers' conferences and workshops and have gotten lots of pitches. I find that the authors who have been vetted and referred to me by Roadmap are very talented, much more than at other venues. I have signed one author who I met through Roadmap and submitted her work to publishers. But there have been many more who have the talent that I am looking for but rarely find. I hope to be doing more work with Roadmap in the future.

Andy Ross, Andy Ross Agency

I can't believe how much I'm getting out of my journey down the 'road'. Working with Roadmap is the single smartest decision I've made since I started writing.

Tom Holowach, Screenwriter

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with everyone at Roadmap! The whole team is so knowledgeable and supportive. I’ve taken other classes and gone to seminars and haven’t had any outright bad experiences but none have been as good as Roadmap. I’ve learned so much in a fun, comfortable atmosphere. I love you guys!

Harker Jones, Screenwriter

The advice we get from ‘experts’ often directly conflicts, so one necessary survival tool is learning whom to listen to and which notes to follow. I found out a long time ago that with kids and dogs it’s best to choose one expert whose counsel you value above all others. For screenwriting purposes, Roadmap is that for me.

Spencer Michlin, Screenwriter

I recommend Roadmap Writers one hundred million thousand percent. Seriously, they're great and worth EVERY PENNY. And I'm not just saying this because I'm practically a shareholder at this point—in three months, I've greatly improved how I pitch my material and my brand as a writer.

Gary Fayman, Screenwriter

In my time working with Roadmap, I’ve gotten to see that they do a great job introducing smart, ambitious writers from all over the world to executives on the ground in Hollywood. Not only that, they’ve built a company that helps writers hone their talents with a wide array of classes on everything from story mechanics to the ins and outs of actual pitching. Roadmap gives writers the tools they need in this business.

Zac Allard, Creative Executive at Exile Entertainment

Roadmap Writers is a game changer for aspiring writers everywhere. There is such a wide variety of classes and programs available, and I’m always impressed with the quality of writers that come through. Happy to do my part to help give these worthy voices a much-needed way in the door.

Corey Trent Ackerman, Manager @ The Cartel

Roadmap Writers really is in the writer’s corner. Joey and his team totally ‘get it’ when it comes to preparing writers for pitching and interacting with industry pros. I look forward to reading Roadmap writers for years to come.

Andrew Kersey, Manager @ Kersey Management

It has been a pleasure working with Roadmap Writers. The program is highly focused on providing practical industry advice and guidance that developing writers need to adapt and improve their writing to meet the current landscape.

Jay Glazer, Manager @ ROAR

Huge thanks to Joey Tuccio, who sent us this script back in 2018 and promised we'd love it. He was right. After reading it and meeting the writer, Tate Hanyok, we knew this project was special, wound up tracking it over the next two years, and finally had the opportunity to bring it to life.

Will Phelps, Exec @ American High

3 years ago, I was a girl with a script and no reps. I’ll be forever grateful to Joey who took SUCH good care of me and sent it to American High—where I’m now back in high school (on set)—and bringing this story to life!

Tate Hanyok, Screenwriter (movie SEX APPEAL produced by Hulu, signed to ICM)

Joey Tuccio is the best and has the writer's best interest at heart. He's always striving to provide writers with the tools they need to move forward with their career.

Benji Smith, Screenwriter

Joey has been an amazing friend and advocate for me as a writer. He has taught me an enormous amount about pitching and how to navigate the business in general.

Julie Livingston, Screenwriter

I've known Joey Tuccio for ten years and in that time, I can say nothing but the best. In a business that is often defined by artifice, Joey is the polar opposite: loyal, kind, tremendously insightful and well-connected.

Ian Simpson, Screenwriter


Mary Robbins, Screenwriter

The last 5 weeks have given me more industry knowledge than my prior 32 years combined.

Adam Pitzler, Screenwriter

Just a little praise for Roadmap... When I first found you, I was dipping my toe in this thing called writing. I have learned and grown so much in just the past year I have worked with Roadmap that I can't even begin to express how great I think your programs are. Not only am I a better writer because of it, I have a belief in myself and a confidence that comes with that. And, I have had a ton of fun in the process. Thank you so much for the support and the encouragement.

Melody Herr, Screenwriter

Roadmap's programs are phenomenal! I have experienced more straight-forward and easy access to the industry than in any other program. The feedback is always helpful, even when it's hard to swallow. I recommend this program to anyone interested in screenwriting!

Briana Chatters, Screenwriter

Roadmap is wonderful! They provide valuable industry connections, knowledge, and experience for those looking to improve their skills and take their various creative endeavors to the next level. The entertainment industry can be tough to crack into but Roadmap can provide just the nudge you needed.

Maddie Breeland, Anvil Pictures

I just left Echo Lake Entertainment and they LOVE my show. I'm being brought back to meet with the CEO, hopefully next week. Thank you and the entire Roadmap team for giving me the tools and confidence to get here.

Brandon Lee Reily, Screenwriter

The Roadmap Promise

Roadmap Writers prides itself on the quality of executives we bring to our programs and we work hard to get you the best feedback possible.

Our vetted executives are chosen by the legitimacy of the companies they work for and their ability to evaluate pitches and pages.

Only the executives you sign up for will be provided with your materials.