Hear from Screenwriters & Executives alike regarding their experiences with Roadmap!

Dorian is a force of nature! It was such a pleasure working with her in the Pitch Prep Program and Marketing Intensive. Our group learned so much; it's clear our confidence is growing every time we pitch—all thanks to Roadmap! We received specific notes, invaluable guidance, and, most importantly, we laughed all along the way.

Brenda Lynn Bynum, Screenwriter

I can't believe how much I'm getting out of my journey down the 'road'. Working with Roadmap is the single smartest decision I've made since I started writing.

Tom Holowach, Screenwriter

Elizabeth is articulate, thoughtful and very prepared. She seemed very sincere in helping us and valuing us as writers. Her critic of my new novel really helped move it forward. She is a real pro at praising what is of value and analyzing what needs to be improved. It was a pleasure and privilege working with her. I only hope she offers to do more workshops, clinic, anything in the future.

Kathi C., Author

I honestly am so grateful for everything I learned during any of my sessions with Roadmap, it definitely opened my eyes to a new side of the business, and it's especially helped with all of my pitches (I still refer to your pitch tips)!

Ashlei Hardenburg-Cartagena, Screenwriter (2021-22 Warner Bros. Writers’ Workshop Fellow)

Dorian answered a question on loglines for me that cut through all the bulls*** and helped me finally rewrite 3 of mine. Those 30 seconds alone were worth the fee for the whole course.

Jaime Kawamoto, Screenwriter

I found Steve's Webinar to be the most insightful and valuable screenwriter’s talk I have ever heard on the writer’s voice! He delivered some wonderfully counterintuitive points that truly resonated after I meditated on them.

James C., Screenwriter

Obviously gleaned from personal experience - Rohit's Webinar is a MUST for every film school/creative writing program in the world. Film Schools don't typically touch on the subject of Mental Health, "What To Expect," etc. What Rohit offers is a very practical, exceptionally thorough "How To." An A-Z on everything that's going to come up, happen, become a reality. I love how Rohit gets into specifics on Rejection, Validation, Fear, Being (or becoming) overwhelmed etc. This is the most exhaustive look at industry Mental Health I've ever seen. If we only had Rohit's expertise leaving film school. My entire approach would have been different had there been a-Rohit-Webinar dealing with Mental Health. Spectacular.

Joe K., Screenwriter

This session was fantastic! As a romance writer, I found it incredibly eye-opening. I realized why some of my projects were not getting positive responses in the marketplace. The session provided some great guidance about how I should approach the market and what types of projects producers and buyers are looking for.

Karen Bryson, Screenwriter

I must say I learned more in 90 minutes with Mr. Richter than I had in the previous 90 weeks!

Jim M., Screenwriter

Matt gave excellent advice on brand-building which helped me finally figure out what to write for my next screenplay!

Martin S., Screenwriter

Really great tips and info from the presenter. Sean provided information that is relevant for beginners and more experienced writers that sets a foundation for success beyond the page and into meetings and production.

Anonymous Screenwriter (via feedback form)

I found it super helpful and thorough and really awesome. Comedy-wise, Kieran is one of the most practical people I've seen who really understands comedy and how it applies to the TV space. I loved it.

Briana Hansen, Screenwriter

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with everyone at Roadmap! The whole team is so knowledgeable and supportive. I’ve taken other classes and gone to seminars and haven’t had any outright bad experiences but none have been as good as Roadmap. I’ve learned so much in a fun, comfortable atmosphere. I love you guys!

Harker Jones, Screenwriter

The advice we get from ‘experts’ often directly conflicts, so one necessary survival tool is learning whom to listen to and which notes to follow. I found out a long time ago that with kids and dogs it’s best to choose one expert whose counsel you value above all others. For screenwriting purposes, Roadmap is that for me.

Spencer Michlin, Screenwriter

I recommend Roadmap Writers one hundred million thousand percent. Seriously, they're great and worth EVERY PENNY. And I'm not just saying this because I'm practically a shareholder at this point - in three months, I've greatly improved how I pitch my material and my brand as a writer.

Gary Fayman, Screenwriter

I love hearing pitches from Roadmap’s writers. The training they’ve received is evident and impressive. I am constantly amazed - the difference in pitching acumen in just 6 months is unbelievable.

Marilyn Atlas, Manager/Producer at Marilyn Atlas Management

As a Network Executive, working with Roadmap Writers has been refreshing. The writers are eager to learn and open to collaboration which is the best combination of a creative working with another creative. From their First 15's program to their Virtual Seminars, I feel lucky to partake in such a great networking opportunity.

Chelsea Kardos, Manager of Scripted Programming at AMC

In my time working with Roadmap, I’ve gotten to see that they do a great job introducing smart, ambitious writers from all over the world to executives on the ground in Hollywood. Not only that, they’ve built a company that helps writers hone their talents with a wide array of classes on everything from story mechanics to the ins and outs of actual pitching. Roadmap gives writers the tools they need in this business.

Zac Allard, Creative Executive at Exile Entertainment

Roadmap Writers is a game changer for aspiring writers everywhere. There is such a wide variety of classes and programs available, and I’m always impressed with the quality of writers that come through. Happy to do my part to help give these worthy voices a much-needed way in the door.

Corey Trent Ackerman, Manager at The Cartel

Roadmap Writers really is in the writer’s corner. Joey and his team totally ‘get it’ when it comes to preparing writers for pitching and interacting with industry pros. I look forward to reading Roadmap writers for years to come.

Andrew Kersey, Manager at Kersey Management

It has been a pleasure working with Roadmap Writers. The program is highly focused on providing practical industry advice and guidance that developing writers need to adapt and improve their writing to meet the current landscape.

Jay Glazer, Manager at ROAR

As a writer not only living outside LA - but outside the US - Roadmap provides a service that is built on a supportive community peppered with a little ass-kicking when needed. I found with every webinar, workshop, challenge and pitch roundtable I participated in, I learnt something; whether it was about my work or the industry in general.

Emma Steele, Screenwriter (signed to The Gersh Agency)

I spent years beating my head up against the Hollywood system with little success. After being accepted into the Roadmap Writers Top Tier program, I had a fantastic manager in a matter of months.

Craig Berger, Screenwriter (signed to Meridian Artists)

Huge thanks to Joey Tuccio, who sent us this script back in 2018 and promised we'd love it. He was right. After reading it and meeting the writer, Tate Hanyok, we knew this project was special, wound up tracking it over the next two years, and finally had the opportunity to bring it to life.

Will Phelps, Exec at American High

3 years ago, I was a girl with a script and no reps. I’ll be forever grateful to Joey who took SUCH good care of me and sent it to American High - where I’m now back in high school (on set) - and bringing this story to life!

Tate Hanyok, Screenwriter (movie produced by Hulu, signed to ICM)

A BIG thanks to Garrick Dion for his insightful, informative, and producer-conscious notes on my latest screenplays. After reading two of my scripts and offering detailed feedback, I can with 100% confidence say I have two scripts ready for circulation. He helped me bring my characters to life and lifted my action description off the page. He has tons of industry knowledge and will help you get your script exec-ready. I loved his down-to-earth personality and loyal attention to my career. I can't recommend Garrick enough!

Clint Ross, Screenwriter

Garrick Dion went above and beyond. His comments were not only technically sound, but well-rooted in reading “the market.” He was also very personable and overly generous with his time during the [Rewrite Clinic] session. Most importantly, his attention to and recall of detail was truly impressive in each and every case. His notes left me not weighed down with the humdrum thought of reworking structure, but with the true excitement of being able to logically and contemporaneously incorporate them into my work.

Bob Winston

Bobbie is very engaging and works exceptionally well with writers. She understands story structure (arcs, themes, inciting, movement, resolution) better than most. I would recommend her to anyone for notes and feedback because of her natural ability to communicate clearly and dial-in to the core of the story.

Alfonso Garcia, Screenwriter

Alexandra is highly analytical, well-rounded, and knowledgeable across the board in screenplay writing and format. She’s firm and a pro with notes and feedback.

Feedback left by a writer on our Anonymous Post-Consult Feedback Form

Working with Seth on my script was a great experience. He was thoughtful, specific, and helped me rethink my approach to my story. As a result, my rewrite has a much stronger connection to the protagonist and her journey.

Brenda Lynn Bynum, Screenwriter

After attending writers conferences and taking a variety of writing courses by other companies, I can tell you that Roadmap offers the best opportunity for connecting with professionals within the publishing industry. As any emerging writer knows, the process of sending out query letters to publishing agents is a painful process full of rejection...or crickets. Roadmap’s Author Program put me in the “room” with agents so I could pitch, interact, and receive feedback which ultimately led to gaining representation. Through the Roadmap Authors Program, I was introduced to my wonderful agent, Renee Fountain. If you’re interested in moving faster than the molasses-slow process of sending out queries and are sick of filling out long forms with too many text boxes on QueryTracker, you owe it to yourself to check out Roadmap Authors.

Craig Holland, Author (Signed with Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management)

Tyler is a visual thinker with a wide open imagination and serious integrity. He went above & beyond with his careful analysis of my character development, story structure, and story potential. His creative problem-solving is collaborative, not ego-driven.

Bradford Richardson, Screenwriter

Hollywood is all about 'Who you know.' But how do you, as a writer, turn that around to 'Who knows you?' The Water Bottle Tour will teach you how to get noticed and remembered.

Marie Roughan - Screenwriter

I loved the Water Bottle Tour! It provided assistance in ways not normally accessible. For instance, we’re having a 30-minute general meeting this weekend to mimic such meetings in LA. Great opportunity!

Larry Woldenberg - Screenwriter

Loving the Water Bottle Tour! Learned a lot from some very sharp industry pros, running the gamut from pitching and taking meetings to getting full coverage on my script. It was already well worth the money, and I still have one week to go!

Lisa Rysinger - Screenwriter

Audrey was really helpful. The way she explained her feedback was so useful. I had heard similar notes about the structure of my pilots before but I never heard it explained as clearly and concrete as Audrey did. Even though I have to rework the structure of my four pilots, I feel like I now know how to fix the problem. I’m so glad I signed up for this consult and was able to connect with Audrey!

Darci Faye, Screenwriter

Matt's notes were the best, most thorough notes I've ever received on the script—even better than I got from an $800 UCLA Extension advanced class with a working film writer/director! Very thoughtful and insightful, right on the money—he really got what I was trying to do with the script and gave suggestions to help me do what I wanted even better, without trying to change my voice or my choices. I've been very impressed by the quality of notes from everyone at Roadmap, but Matt is a superstar amongst stars.

Heather Spiegel, Screenwriter

"I am highly impressed by Roadmap Writers and the way they come alongside writers to help them hone their craft. Roadmap has a great program set up, and that any writer would benefit from the feedback and training they get." - Agent Megan Burkhart @ Cyle Young

Annika is an absolute joy to speak with. Her suggestions will be applied to the screenplay without question. If I had to rate this experience, on a scale of 1 to 10, it would be a 10 all day long. Excellent work by all.

Mark Veau & Michael Savino
Media House Films

I can’t even tell you how much value I am getting from Roadmap and I just think all the time I’m so glad this exists!! 20 years ago (the last time I was writing screenplays) there was NOTHING like this. Execs didn’t know if a script was from some nutcase writer and writers didn’t know if the notes they were getting were from an exec with any kind of experience or value. But with Roadmap, there is just so much opportunity to not just get your brand out there, but to connect with really great execs who are on the front lines and know what they’re talking about. Without Roadmap, I would just be reading Syd Field and Robert McKee and throwing spaghetti at the wall just hoping I got it right. Thank you for all the RoadCrew do!!

April Capil, Screenwriter

While Roadmap connects writers with many fine execs, Janet is far and away my favorite. Her feedback is always the right mix of supportive yet revision-oriented; I always come away with incredibly valuable insights and new ways of seeing my writing. Her professional yet friendly personality is also top-notch.

Jill S., Screenwriter

I have to say Pitch Prep went way beyond my wildest expectations! It was fabulous. The logline, written pitch, and verbal pitch skills I picked up were invaluable. Can't wait to see what's in store in the Marketing Intensive.

Laurie Miller, Screenwriter

I wanted to pass along a thank you to you guys. I had a good pitch today and at the end, the exec asked me to send him a pitch document. Thanks to Dorian’s class in the pitch prep I felt I had a professional document to send and was able to get it right out to him. So, thanks, guys!

Marc Leighton, Screenwriter

I was three for three on script requests this past weekend with my exec meetings. I attribute that success to the pitch prep. I really learned a lot during the past couple of months. Thank you so much!

McKenzie Hamilton, Screenwriter

The Pitch Prep Program really worked. My previous written pitches got a big yawn but the latest feedback scores almost all excellent ratings. Thanks.

Greg Price, Screenwriter

What an amazing lesson that I can use forever. Thank you!

Mika Frank, Screenwriter

I am not sure what I was expecting at Roadmap but I am getting so much more out of it than I thought - it has been illuminating in so many ways. I think as writers we work in a bubble, and being able to work in a group like this is so helpful. I also found that refining both the written and verbal pitch has revealed ways I can improve my scripts structurally and I have then made tweaks to the screenplays. Honestly, I LOVE Roadmap!

Lucinda Spurling, Screenwriter

Even if you have been raised by wolves, Dorian can show you how to get to the heart of your story and then package it professionally like a human writer. Her experienced insight and surgeon-like precision are pretty inspiring to watch in action. We've all become better writers because of her. And her energy and humor make the classes a delight.

Cath Gulick, Screenwriter

I cannot get over how effective the lectures (and their content!) were. To see all of us improve SO much over a month—to feel 10 times more confident at the end of the month than I did at the beginning. Everything was purposeful and useful. I'd recommend to anyone!

Ashley Glacel, Screenwriter

Joey Tuccio is the best and has the writer's best interest at heart. He's always striving to provide writers with the tools they need to move forward with their career.

Benji Smith, Screenwriter

Joey has been an amazing friend and advocate for me as a writer. He has taught me an enormous amount about pitching and how to navigate the business in general.

Julie Livingston, Screenwriter

I've known Joey Tuccio for ten years and in that time, I can say nothing but the best. In a business that is often defined by artifice, Joey is the polar opposite: loyal, kind, tremendously insightful and well-connected.

Ian Simpson, Screenwriter


Mary Robbins, Screenwriter

The last 5 weeks have given me more industry knowledge than my prior 32 years combined.

Adam Pitzler, Screenwriter

Just a little praise for Roadmap... When I first found you, I was dipping my toe in this thing called writing. I have learned and grown so much in just the past year I have worked with Roadmap that I can't even begin to express how great I think your programs are. Not only am I a better writer because of it, I have a belief in myself and a confidence that comes with that. And, I have had a ton of fun in the process. Thank you so much for the support and the encouragement.

Melody Herr, Screenwriter

Roadmap's programs are phenomenal! I have experienced more straight-forward and easy access to the industry than in any other program. The feedback is always helpful, even when it's hard to swallow. I recommend this program to anyone interested in screenwriting!

Briana Chatters, Screenwriter

Roadmap is wonderful! They provide valuable industry connections, knowledge, and experience for those looking to improve their skills and take their various creative endeavors to the next level. The entertainment industry can be tough to crack into but Roadmap can provide just the nudge you needed.

Maddie Breeland, Anvil Pictures

I just left Echo Lake Entertainment and they LOVE my show. I'm being brought back to meet with the CEO, hopefully next week. Thank you and the entire Roadmap team for giving me the tools and confidence to get here.

Brandon Lee Reily, Screenwriter

The Roadmap Promise

Roadmap Writers prides itself on the quality of executives we bring to our programs and we work hard to get you the best feedback possible.

Our vetted executives are chosen by the legitimacy of the companies they work for and their ability to evaluate pitches and pages.

Only the executives you sign up for will be provided with your materials.