Rewrite Programs

It's one thing to get your first draft down on paper. It's another to make sure it's ready to market. In the below programs, you will have the opportunity to work directly with a working industry executive to develop your screenplays and polish your work to ensure it's ready for the marketplace!

2-Week Rewrite Clinics

Limited to only 5 writers, these 2-week Rewrite Clinics are designed to give writers an opportunity to develop a solid script and collaborate with an industry professional.

The executive will read your whole script and in an online roundtable with only 4 other writers, you will have 25 minutes to receive notes from your executive, get to know them, and let them get to know you! Then you'll have a week between sessions to revise your pages for the second roundtable where you'll discuss the submitted revisions.

4-Week Group Mentorships

Also limited to only 5 writers, in these special Group Mentorships you won't just receive feedback on your script(s), but also individual coaching on your pitch, your marketing strategy, and your next steps as you take your screenwriting career to the next level!

You will have the opportunity to share your material with your classmates so that each writer will learn from their own feedback and the feedback given to their peers. You'll also be able to email the host during the week so you are fully guided for the entire month.

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The Roadmap Promise

Roadmap Writers prides itself on the quality of executives we bring to our programs and we work hard to get you the best feedback possible.

Our vetted executives are chosen by the legitimacy of the companies they work for and their ability to evaluate pitches and pages.

Only the executives you sign up for will be provided with your materials.