About Us

Take a look at any roadmap: There are a plethora of ways to get from point A to point B. Some routes require more luck than others; some are roads less traveled; while still others are riddled with detours...

Breaking into and sustaining a career in the screenwriting business is hard – sometimes it can feel nearly impossible.

Enter Roadmap Writers, a team of industry veterans dedicated to equipping screenwriters with the real-world tools and training needed to take their career to the next level.

Screenwriters that work with us can take advantage of:

  • A curated tiered screenwriting program designed to perfect the art and the business of screenwriting - from voice to marketing.
  • Focused, personal training and attention that will ensure your projects, pitches, and collaborative ability are at their best.
  • Access to high-profile executives who will provide high-quality, valuable feedback on your projects.
  • A Webinar Library packed with dozens of on-demand lectures covering all aspects of the business to help screenwriters write screenplays.
  • Online Classes designed to help an aspiring screenwriter navigate the film industry.
  • Map your route utilizing a team of industry professionals, managers, agents, producers and executives at your disposal.

So how about it? Can we help you map your route?

Meet the Roadmap Team

Joey Tuccio - Founder & CEO


Brandon Combs - Creative Director


Dorian Connelley - COO


Alexandra Davies - Director of Education


Jorge Gonzalez III - Director of Operations


Briana Hansen - Director of Writer Outreach