Script Services

For writers who are committed to their craft and are ready to make sure their screenplays really shine, Roadmap Writers offers our Script Services. Submit your script for one of the below services and our expert readers will scrutinize your screenplay and provide detailed notes to help ensure your work is market-ready!
After you submit your material, we will send it to one of our industry readers. You will receive your marked up script and feedback within 2-3 weeks of submitting your material.

*Important* While we are happy to work with non-native English speakers, if English is not your primary language, please email your script to for a custom quote!
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This service is for writers who are concerned about improving their script from a story and narrative standpoint.

This Coverage focuses on ways your script could be improved in all areas, including pacing, story structure, and character work, among others. The reader will read your script in its entirety and make notes on everything from story structure to on-the-nose dialogue, as well as indicate ways these could be improved. Both the strengths and weaknesses in your script will be assessed so you can head into your next draft with full confidence!

Submit a .PDF of your screenplay and receive 3-5 pages of in-depth notes and comments from your reader. 

For 48-Hr. Rush Service: The 48 hours starts from the time you complete your material submission.

        If there's one thing that can get your script tossed in the trash pile upon opening, it's spelling, grammar, and formatting errors in your screenplay!

        Before you send out ANY script for consideration, you should have it gone over with a fine-toothed comb by a professional to ensure it is immaculate.

        Submit a .PDF of your full TV or feature screenplay and your proofreader will evaluate it with a fine-toothed comb before sending it back to you marked up with comments and all necessary fixes so that you can see where the errors were and avoid falling into the same traps going forward!

        Please note that when a formatting error is consistent throughout your script, standard procedure is the editor will mark the first few instances and explain the rule so that you know how to address it, but not every instance will be annotated throughout the rest of the script.

        For 48-Hr. Rush Service: The 48 hours starts from the time you complete your material submission.

              This service is for writers who are concerned about their writing style and language on a sentence and paragraph level.

              First, you'll submit a .PDF of your script; our line editor will read it and send back one page of notes outlining proposed changes to make your script as easy to read as possible. This includes proofreading as well as fixing any formatting, syntax, grammar, and redundancy issues.

              You and the line editor will agree on what changes are to be made to your script before you send the editor your .FDX file, which your editor will use to make the changes directly on your screenplay document. The editor will only rework what's necessary to ensure nothing distracts from your story and unique voice.