Roadmap Writers Code of Conduct


We're excited to have you in your upcoming program!

Here are some rules of conduct that you must follow in any Roadmap session in which you are participating.

Failure to follow any rule will result in removing a writer from the program with no refund. If you don't feel you can follow these rules, please let me know immediately to receive a refund.

  1. Please be respectful to the execs. In the programs the execs will be giving you feedback. Do not argue with them. If they give you feedback you do not agree with, be professional and bat around other ideas. Each writer will have a set amount of time with the exec. When it's time to move to the next writer, it's time to move to the next writer. Your fellow writers will be on during the session. Please also be respectful to your other writers.
  2. Do not over email execs. Please keep your emails concise and do not over email them. Keep all emails on screenwriting-related questions. These execs are super busy and do not have time to read long emails. They will not respond to questions that can be asked quickly during the session and they will not respond to emails that have nothing to do with the work being done in the program.
  3. Do not ask execs if you can submit your script to their company or ask for their personal/business contact info.
  4. When you are in the Zoom room (video conferencing software), your camera will automatically turn on. Please make sure you are muted at all times unless it's your turn. The mic and camera icons can be found in the lower left of your Zoom screen. If you have to move around, go to the bathroom, break out in a dance routine (it's happened), etc... please shut your camera off so you don't distract the rest of the class. Please also be sure you are in a safe, quiet area to participate. Do not be driving while you are participating!

The main thing is to keep this a safe work environment and respect everybody's time. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

Always In Your Corner,
Joey Tuccio
CEO, Roadmap Writers