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More about CeCe Brooks
CeCe Brooks grew up in South Carolina eventually moving to North Carolina (big move!), New York and finally Los Angeles in 2016. Prior to her Film & TV career, she worked in advertising on a variety of clients such as NBC News and CarMax. CeCe got her Bachelor's Degree from Wake Forest University and her Master of Fine Arts from Loyola Marymount University in LA. In addition to an internship at Adam Scott's production company, Gettin' Rad, CeCe parlayed a summer internship at legendary management/production company 3 Arts Entertainment into a full-time job. First working in the mailroom and eventually assistant to literary manager Katie Newman (LAST MAN ON EARTH, LOPEZ V. LOPEZ). Since 2020, she has been an assistant and right-hand woman for writer/director Maggie Carey (BARRY, TWISTED METAL, NEVER HAVE I EVER). CeCe has also gained a lot of valuable writers room experience as the Writers' Assistant on DIGMAN! (Comedy Central) seasons 1 and 2. Life is inherently dark, so CeCe wants to help people find the light through her writing, whether through silliness or dark comedy, but always with an optimistic lens.
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PITCH DECKS: These are visually-driven documents (20 pages max) that use images and short paragraphs of text to demonstrate the tone, world, character insight, key plot points, stakes, and theme of the series or feature. If the Pitch Deck is for a show, it will use some of the same sections of text as your Series Bible, but will be less extensive. When creating a pitch deck, always make sure that you are using images of a consistent size and quality, and that you use the same font, color code, margins, and other design specifications throughout. Click here for a Pitch Deck example! Want more insight? Consider signing up for our Creating Professional Level Pitch Decks webinar

SERIES BIBLES: These supplemental documents are text-only (20 pages max), and can get requested when marketing any sort of TV show. Among other things, they should demonstrate what makes your characters unique and captivating, the focus and evolution of their arcs, the rules of the world, the hook of the story engine, the intended tone and theme, as well as why YOU are the best person to write this show from this perspective. Here's example #1 and example #2.  Note: The formatting and organization of Series Bibles has changed since these examples were created, but addressing these sections in your own Series Bible will be a great starting point to make sure you're answering questions before they're asked. 

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