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There are several reasons why a solid TV Comedy script can give you a competitive edge. For one, execs are always on the hunt for funny and unique TV projects, yet they struggle to uncover these gems. Moreover, busy managers are often more eager to read a 30-pg vs. 120-pg sample to get a sense of a writer’s voice.

This hands-on, interactive class will walk you through all the proper steps to create a unique, comedic, and compelling TV Comedy script. This class will include weekly lectures, personalized assignments, and expert feedback on your work! 

In This Five Week Class, You Will Learn How To:

  • Create themes that are relatable to a broad audience
  • Construct an engaging story engine
  • Write comedic moments that will leave an audience in stitches
  • Find your unique voice and put that fresh style on the page
  • Capture your reader in the first 10 pages
  • Hook an audience with witty dialogue
  • How to world build in comedy
  • Learn how to properly construct act breaks

Leave this 5-week course with a first draft of your TV Comedy Pilot ready to market!


Week One - Introduction and Characters

Date / Time

This week, your Instructor will: 

  • Discuss the different types of TV Comedy being made. 
  • Talk about elements to consider when constructing your show, including themes and social relevance, story engine, and tone. 
  • Talk about what makes characters interesting and funny. What works in their development and what are some missteps writers can make when writing them. 
  • Give live feedback on students' loglines and show conceits. 

Week Two - Structure and Outlines

Date / Time

This week, your Instructor will: 

  • Lecture on the 3 Act TV structure 
  • Explain how to outline a TV comedy pilot 
  • Give each student feedback on their character descriptions and summary 


Week Three - Outline Review and Drafting the First 10 Pages

Date / Time

This week, your Instructor will: 

  • Explore how to capture the reader and the audience's attention in the first 10 pages. How to properly set up your protagonist and how to launch viewers into the story, and the most optimal ways to make each act break pop. 
  • Discuss the importance of presentation (dialogue/description ratio, page count of each act, scene length and more). 
  • Give each student feedback on the outline. 


Week Four - First 10 Review and Final 20 Prep

Date / Time

This week, your Instructor will: 

  • Give each student feedback on their first 10 pages. 
  • Prep the students for drafting their next 10 pages. 


Week Five - First Draft Review

Date / Time

This week, your Instructor will: 

  • Give each student feedback on their first draft. 
  • Share advice for pitching a 30 minute comedy series. 


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Charlotte Austin Johnson
Staff Writer
NBC's Perfect Harmony

Charlotte Austin Johnson was most recently a Staff Writer on the NBC sitcom PERFECT HARMONY. Previously she was a Script Coordinator on the CBS show LIFE IN PIECES and worked in development at the media company Refinery29. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a double-major in Psychology and Film, and a concentration in Theater. In 2015, she was the recipient of the Studio North grant for filmmaking. The hardest thing she’s ever had to accept about herself is she would make a fantastic PE teacher.

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