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Zachary Allard - Creative Executive, Exile Entertaiment
Weekly, starting on Sunday, 09/19 @ 6:00PM - 7:30PM PT
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As a writer, there are certain skills that you need to have a mastery of beyond just putting words together. You need to learn story telling, tone, theme, plotting and structure to really turn out a killer script. And in order to take advantage of IP, you might want to learn how to work to adapt someone else's work for the screen. 

We understand that this can all seem a little daunting, which is why we've asked Roadmap favorite Zac Allard to host this special two part lecture series to give us the tools to succeed! 

This Two Week Lecture Series Will Cover

  • Adaptations 
  • Theme and tone 
  • Structure and plotting 
  • Twists and expectations 
  • Live Q&A 

Week One - Adaptations, Theme & Tone

Date / Time

This week, the lecture will cover: 

  • Finding the right tone - and making it clear
  • Universal themes
  • The adaptation process

Week Two - Expectations and Twists

Date / Time

This week's lecture will cover: 

  • Audience expectations
  • Structure and plotting 
  • Twists and subverting expectations 
More about
Zachary Allard
Creative Executive
Exile Entertaiment
A graduate of Georgetown with a Masters in English, Zac Allard is currently a Creative Executive at management and production company Exile Entertainment, which represents award-winning writer/directors including Guillermo Del Toro (SHAPE OF WATER), Jennifer Kent (THE BABADOOK), and Josephine Decker (SHIRLEY). Zac has extensive experience working at numerous production companies and was one of the early readers on The Black List. In addition to developing/editing material with screenwriters and novelists and playwrights, Zac has published both creative and critical writing in a variety of journals and magazines.
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