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Roadmap's Career Writer Program has a proven track record— it's where most of our success stories happen. As a direct result of this program, writers have signed to nearly every major representation company in the industry and been staffed, produced, and sold projects to Netflix, Hulu, MGM, Amazon, and more (fun fact: most of these success stories are the writer's first major break into the industry)! We understand the Career Writer Program can seem daunting and that's why we're thrilled to introduce this FREE week-long program to give you a taste of what we teach in the program!

Join us for A Taste of Roadmap and walk away with:

  • An understanding of how to effectively pitch your project
  • The formula for a killer logline and comps
  • Opening pages that pop
  • The skills to market yourself as a screenwriter
  • And more!



Join Roadmap CEO Joey Tuccio for an overview of the program. We'll hear from writers who have been through the Career Writer Program on their experience and advice for you to make the most of your week of programs! 

Joey Tuccio - Founder / CEO, Roadmap Writers

Joey started in the industry at Bold Films (DRIVE, NIGHTCRAWLER, WHIPLASH) and has read for Hugh Jackman's company, George Clooney's company, and Night and Day Pictures, to name a few. The only thing Joey is more passionate about than helping writers is rescuing dogs.

Verbal Pitch Prep Lecture


This lecture and Q&A will cover:

  • The general structure of a pitch
  • Honing in on the basic goals of pitching
  • Tips on holding an exec's attention during your pitch
  • And you'll hear an example verbal pitch to get you off on the right foot!

Chris Deckard - Manager / Co-Founder, Fictional Entity

Prior to co-founding the management/production company Fictional Entity in early 2017, Chris Deckard spent over seven years working with and representing talent at the major agencies ICM Partners and WME. While at WME, Chris worked in the media rights department, selling books for series and film adaptations before moving into the talent department, where he worked closely with high level actors in film, television, and the then-emerging digital space. While at ICM Partners, he again worked with high level actors and worked closely with the packaging and sales department and the digital media group. For over a decade, Chris has worked closely with traditional and new media buyers to find and develop content for domestic and international audiences. In addition to helping cast and package numerous features and series, he has evaluated thousands of scripts for actors and directors. Chris graduated from Cornell University and earned his J.D. from Notre Dame Law School.

Chris helps his clients navigate the evolving entertainment landscape in the United States and abroad. He has negotiated deals for features, series, and podcasts in several international territories. His clients have been named to The Black List, The Hit List, The Young & Hungry List, The Blood List and been lauded by the PAGE Awards, the International Emmys, and The GLAAD Awards. Clients have also earned nominations and placements from The Heath Ledger Scholarship, The Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Awards, the AWG, ADG, SPA, and AACTA. Clients have written, directed, starred, and produced in numerous formats, including features, TV, virtual reality, and podcasts, independently and for companies like Netflix, Lucasfilm, NBCUniversal, Legendary, Marvel, Fremantle, SyFy, the CW, Warner Bros., Amazon, Blumhouse, Hulu, XYZ, The BBC, Comedy Central, the ABC Australia, Foxtel, TruTV, Super Deluxe, Hallmark, Lifetime, CBS, Facebook, E!, and MSNBC.

Several of Chris’ clients had films shoot in 2021, including one for Netflix, and another which sold to XYZ Films, both of which are slated for 2022 release. Within the past year, clients have sold series to Amazon, Netflix, eOne, and Hulu. Chris, along with his business partner, is also an Executive Producer on a scripted series project alongside two writing EPs from New Amsterdam which sold to Universal Television in 2021.

Logline & Comps Clinic


Join Dorian to learn a formula for composing a logline for any project. Plus, she'll demystify "comps" and how to find the right ones for your project. Following the lecture, 2-3 volunteers will workshop their logline & comps live.

Dorian Connelley - Co-Founder/COO, Roadmap Writers

Dorian was fresh off working for producer Mark Ciardi (THE ROOKIE, MIRACLE, CHAPPAQUIDDICK) when she co-founded Roadmap Writers as its COO. With years of experience in talent management, live events, and feature film producing, Dorian is also a proud Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Guinea/Mali '08-'10). When she's not helping writers perfect their pitches, Dorian can be found at music festivals and karaoke bars.

Opening Pages / Writer Bio / Marketing Yourself


Join Joey for the final session covering making your opening pages pop, crafting a killer bio, and best practices when you're ready to market your material. 

Joey Tuccio - Founder / CEO, Roadmap Writers

Joey started in the industry at Bold Films (DRIVE, NIGHTCRAWLER, WHIPLASH) and has read for Hugh Jackman's company, George Clooney's company, and Night and Day Pictures, to name a few. The only thing Joey is more passionate about than helping writers is rescuing dogs.

More about
Roadmap Writers

Roadmap Writers is a talent training and discovery platform for screenwriters ready for a guided path to success. Our programs are hosted by working industry executives and are designed to empower writers with actionable tools and insights to elevate your craft and cultivate relationships with industry professionals. Since 2016, we have helped hundreds of writers from all over the world sign to representation, staff on series, and option and produce their projects. Our writers have been staffed on BRIDGERTON, THE FLASH, CHICAGO PD, THE FIRST LADY, NIGHT COURT, THE GOOD DOCTOR, THE RESIDENT, REACHER, SUBJECT TO CHANGE, MAYANS and POKERFACE. Writers have sold, set up and been produced by Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, MGM, American High, New Republic Pictures, Maven Screen Media, Lifetime, Will Packer Studios and Roku. 


The last 5 weeks have given me more industry knowledge than my prior 32 years combined.

~ Adam Pitzler, Screenwriter

Even if you have been raised by wolves, Dorian can show you how to get to the heart of your story and then package it professionally like a human writer. Her experienced insight and surgeon-like precision are pretty inspiring to watch in action. We've all become better writers because of her. And her energy and humor make the classes a delight.

~ Cath Gulick, Roadmap Signed Screenwriter #195

I can’t even tell you how much value I am getting from Roadmap and I just think all the time I’m so glad this exists!! 20 years ago (the last time I was writing screenplays) there was NOTHING like this. Execs didn’t know if a script was from some nutcase writer and writers didn’t know if the notes they were getting were from an exec with any kind of experience or value. But with Roadmap, there is just so much opportunity to not just get your brand out there, but to connect with really great execs who are on the front lines and know what they’re talking about. Without Roadmap, I would just be reading Syd Field and Robert McKee and throwing spaghetti at the wall just hoping I got it right. Thank you for all the RoadCrew do!!

~ April Capil, Screenwriter

How it Works

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The Roadmap Promise

Roadmap Writers prides itself on the quality of executives we bring to our programs and we work hard to get you the best feedback possible.

Our vetted executives are chosen by the legitimacy of the companies they work for and their ability to evaluate pitches and pages.

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