Rewrite Clinic with Sam Schifrien

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Particularly Interested In

-Female Genre (Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Thriller/Superhero)

-Comedies…live action or animation…for audiences of all ages...always a sucker for a good rom-com

-Contemporary takes on classics

Always interested in genre/superhero/sci fi from female writers

Writers of Color
Women Writers
LGBTQIA+ Writers
Writers Over 40
Writers Outside LA
Writers with Disabilities
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Half-Hour Pilots (single-cam)
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True Story
Specifically Not Interested In

Not really looking for standard one hour dramas; true crime or pop-documentaries (I think market is too saturated). Same for dystopian.

Truly about the story...if there is a unique one-hour procedural...I still am interested.

Week #1: Script Review

Date / Time

The executive will read each writer's full script before the meeting and during the session, each writer will have 25 minutes to get notes from the executive. 

Week #2: Revised Script Review

Date / Time

The exec will read each writer's revised script prior to class and each writer will have 25 minutes to discuss final notes and thoughts with the exec.

More about Sam Schifrien

Sam is a North Jersey native who moved west to attend USC, graduating with a degree in business & cinematic arts, and a job at Brillstein, where she spent the first several years of her career working with writer, directors & actors, before moving in TV development & production. She worked for the Executive Producers on ABC's RESURRECTION, spending time with the writers in LA & on set in Atlanta. After that it was a year and a half working with the companies of NBCUniversal International across the UK, Australia, and Canada. After that, she ended up working with various production companies before landing at roseyTV which led to the TV arm of Untitled Entertainment.

Now working independently as the Founder of 93 Cedar, and excited to exercise professional autonomy, Sam is looking to bridge entertainment, storytelling and advocacy.

How it Works

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