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I'm loving the edgy, cerebral series with character driven stories (The Third Day, The Outsider, THEM, Hunters, The Flight Attendant, Tell Me Your Secrets). In terms of features, I've been loving projects like Two Distant Strangers, Promising Young Woman, The US vs Billie Holiday.

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Specifically Not Interested In

I am not interested in musicals, unless it's a raw story like The US vs Billie Holiday or Ray. I am not interested in projects like Nomadland that simply tell the story of a group just because. There needs to be more purpose and intrigue. I am not interested in children's content. I am not interested in network procedurals. I am not interested in cop shows/movies. I am not interested in anything that focuses on the 45th president or his administration. 

Week #1: Script Review

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The executive will read each writer's full script before the meeting and during the session, each writer will have 25 minutes to get notes from the executive. 

Week #2: Revised Script Review

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The exec will read each writer's revised script prior to class and each writer will have 25 minutes to discuss final notes and thoughts with the exec.

More about Luke Mindlin

Luke Mindlin currently works as a Development Coordinator for Morgan Freeman's Revelations Entertainment. He's worked on developing Madam Secretary while in production, and is currently working on developing film and tv projects with talent like Travon Free, Kevin Willmott, Scott Frank, Arsenio Hall, and many others for Amazon, Peacock, and CBSTVS.

Luke has been in this industry for a decade and have worked on the production and development side, but has been focused on development for the past 6 years. He's worked for Oscar winning producers and, before his current role, was an assistant on Stranger Things and worked extensively with the Duffer Brothers.

Luke was an English major at Hobart College and has been in love with stories for as long as he can remember.

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