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Kira-Anne Pelican - Writer/Educator/Consultant
4 Sessions, starting: Saturday 04/20 @ 9:30AM - 11:00AM PT
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A good story makes for a good script, but great character work elevates the script to excellent. But writing compelling and real characters that audiences will relate to and follow throughout the course of your movie/show is no easy feat. People are complicated. So are characters. 

Roadmap is thrilled to welcome Kira-Anne Pelican (PhD) to host a special four week class to help us develop our characters. This course will draw on evidence-based psychology and neuroscience to give us the tools to solve our most common character problems. 

This Four Week Class Will Cover: 

  • What we can learn from psychology about creating more emotionally engaging characters

  • How to make your characters believable

  • What psychology tells us about why some characters are more memorable than others

  • How to create dialogue that truly reveals personality

  • Psychological approaches towards creating tension

  • How to use a character’s backstory and flaw to drive their transformation

  • Creating sizzling character relationships

Session One - Creating Complex and Memorable Characters

Date / Time

This session will focus on how writers can use the Big Five personality dimensions and other insights from personality psychology to ensure their characters are rounded, complex and memorable.

Session Two - Writing from the Flaw

Date / Time

In this session, we will identify your character’s flaw, discover how this was shaped by their backstory and learn how this can used to generate powerful emotions when used to structure your screenplay.

Session Three - Developing Compelling Secondary Characters and Relationships

Date / Time

In this session, we’ll look at how to use the Big Five to develop contrasting secondary characters, and how Attachment Theory allows us to create sizzling character relationships.

Session Four - Getting Your Character on the Page

Date / Time

In this session, we’ll look at some very easy to use insights from psychology that show us how to inject personality into your character’s dialogue, actions and reactions.

More about
Kira-Anne Pelican

Kira-Anne Pelican, PhD is a London-based writer, educator and script editor, who specialises in helping writers develop more compelling TV shows and films through insights from psychology. She is the author of The Science of Writing Characters (Bloomsbury, 2020) and has taught character development workshops to screenwriters across the world, including at BBC Writers, the BFI, Cambridge University and Story Academy (Sweden). After graduating from the London Film School, Kira-Anne began her career working as an assistant to director Stanley Kubrick on EYES WIDE SHUT, before retraining in screenwriting at UCLA. She is passionate about helping writers solve character development problems with easy to use insights and approaches from psychology and is the founder of

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