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The TV Movie is back! With the number of films on traditional platforms like Lifetime as well as on streaming platforms, there's no shortage of potential work for writers. But how do you actually write one of these movies? What is the structure of a Lifetime movie? What kind of stories are best suited to networks like Lifetime? 

David Hal Chester is back with a four week class to take you from premise to full proof outline! 

This Four Week Class Will Cover: 

  • The structure of a lifetime movie 
  • Concepts 
  • Feedback on your outline
  • Live Q&A 

Week One - Introduction

Date / Time

This week, your instructor will break down the structure and requirements of a TV Movie and explain the assignment for next week. 

Week Two - Outlining

Date / Time

This week, your instructor will give you feedback on your synopsis and explain how to craft your outline. 

Week Three - Outline Review

Date / Time

This week, your instructor will give you feedback on your outline. 

Week Four - Final Outline Review

Date / Time

Receive a final round of notes on your outlines and prepare to draft your script. 

More about
David Hal Chester

David Chester left L.A. after a family tragedy and moved to Japan, where he channeled the angst of his broken home, queerness and otherness as a foreigner into dysfunctional family dramas. His screenplays BIG SISTER and TILLIE are multi-finalists, his LGBTQ short THE LESSON won two international prizes, and he has eight female-driven features streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Lifetime.

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