The Name of the Game

Webinars ~ Business Series
Hosted By:
James Moorer - Director of Writer Outreach & Diversity Initiatives, Roadmap Writers
Monthly, starting on Friday, 09/16 @ 5:00PM - 6:30PM PT
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We all want to be successful, but the path to success can feel so long and daunting that many of us don't know where to start. Or we're sitting around waiting for the perfect rep/producer/network to somehow find us and launch our careers. 

But the world has changed. 

These days, it takes more than a great screenplay to be successful in this business—it takes unrelenting business-minded discipline. Daily. Screenwriters must be more than a unique creative voice—you must also be savvy and well-versed on the changes in TV & film and the people behind them. Understanding the business of show business is an essential skill for every screenwriter. Because business... is The Name of the Game

At Roadmap, we know this can be time-consuming. That's why we've created The Name of the Game: Trade Talk with Roadmap's Director of Writer Outreach James Moorer, an eye-opening monthly webinar covering what you can and should be doing right now to further your career and the most important industry updates. Get industry insights and tips that give you a tactical advantage and keep you on the pulse of the screen trade without sacrificing time for your craft. 

This 90-Min. Session Will Cover

  • The trades and how to read them 
  • Leading industry news of the month
  • The 7 Strategies of Screenwriting 
  • The Spec Market - Breaking Down the Numbers
  • Navigating, Networking, and Representation
  • QOTD - What Execs are saying about writers - BE READY TO DO BUSINESS DAY ONE
  • What makes a strong portfolio - 5 Essential Scripts 
  • Raising The Bar: Tips to level up your Screenwriter Game Plan
  • Live Q&A!

Execs are encyclopedias when it comes to industry knowledge. Learn how to impress them with your ability to talk shop in any meeting!

More about
James Moorer
Director of Writer Outreach & Diversity Initiatives
Roadmap Writers

James is a best-selling author, screenwriter, producer and motivational speaker who loves to find a way to succeed. James has also worked as an actor and voice talent on numerous projects. He's passionate about finding the story within the story and helping writers find their own given greatness. His other passion is being the San Fernando valley's expert on Pancakes.

How it Works

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The Roadmap Promise

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