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We love a good TV Romance, and so does the marketplace! There are no shortage of these movies being made, and they're a great way for emerging writers to get their foot in the door. But writing a TV Romance comes with a different set of rules than the other genres and formats. How many acts are there? What can and can't you show on screen? And once you have a good sample, what are your next steps? 

Join Rena Sapon-White for this four week workshop to develop and outline your TV Romance! 

This 4 Week Class Will Cover

  • Structure 
  • Character development 
  • Atmosphere and tone 
  • Feedback on your outline and pages

Week One - Concepts and Characters

Date / Time

Your instructor will begin class with a lecture on how to craft a TV Romance (structure, plot lines, etc) and give you feedback on your concept and characters and prepare you to write your beat sheet. 

Week Two - Beat Sheet

Date / Time

Your instructor will give you feedback on your beat sheet and prepare you to go to outline. 

Week Three - Outline Feedback

Date / Time

Your Instructor will give you feedback on your outline. 

Week Four - Finalize Your Outline

Date / Time

Your Instructor will give you feedback on your revised outline and prepare you to go to pages. 

More about
Rena Sapon-White
Forcefield Pictures

Rena Sapon-White is a seasoned independent producer in Los Angeles. After graduating from Dartmouth with a B.A. in Film, Rena launched her career in documentary filmmaking. Her early work included directing the Nagle Award-winning feature documentary PARADISUS, as well as collaborations with renowned documentary producer-directors Linda Goldstein Knowlton and Alysa Nahmias. At Tadmor Entertainment, she expanded her scope, developing scripts and serving as Associate Producer for festival darlings SUMMER ‘03 (starring Joey King, SXSW 2018) and ONLY (starring Leslie Odom, Jr., Tribeca 2019), and collaborating on the adaptation of Michael Pollan’s "The Omnivore’s Dilemma" with Frances McDormand. In 2019, she played a key role in launching Tadmor’s TV division.

As President of Forcefield Pictures, Rena has led a variety of projects, creating a vegan travel show with GZA from Wu Tang Clan, adapting a best-selling gay romance novel in tandem with Brightlight Pictures, and executive producing 2023 rom-coms CHRISTMAS ON THE ALPACA FARM and THE FABRIC OF CHRISTMAS for Peacock, Plex, and Reel One Entertainment. Her expertise in creative writing, project development, and production management underscores her commitment to bringing diverse stories to the screen.


Rena came to the session with detailed notes and relevant comments about my outline. She suggested improvements and how to proceed with a rewrite. After the session, she emailed me a copy of her TV Christmas Rom-Com structure. The session was a worthwhile investment. I am in the process of rewriting my outline.

~ Anonymous, Screenwriter

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