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You have an amazing series idea, you have the first season mapped out in your head, you have your pilot ready to go - and then an exec asks you for your series bible. This is a roadblock for many writers because there is no set template for what a bible looks like! And while there are many styles of bibles, all must still contain the same core elements or they are considered incomplete. Roadmap is happy to bring in Mike Poisson to teach a class all about how to create your own series bible!

In this three-week course, Mike will break down examples of existing series bibles and walk you through the essential elements of each to help guide you in creating a bible for your own series!

This 3 Week Lecture Series Will Cover:

  • The 8 core elements necessary for your series bible
  • How to format your series bible
  • The importance of a bible and why every exec will ask for one
  • Live Q&A 


Week One - Introduction to Bibles & First Sections

Date / Time

During this week's lecture, your Instructor will: 

  • Describe what a Bible is, how it's used, and the main sections that make up a Bible document. 
  • Discuss the difference between Bibles from years ago vs. contemporary Bibles. 
  • Instructor will outline the first sections of a Bible. 

Week Two - World/Setting, Characters & Tone

Date / Time

During this week's lecture, your Instructor will: 

  • Instructor will outline the new sections: World/Setting, Characters & Tone. 
  • Instructor will give examples of what these sections look like. 

Week Three - Pilot Synopsis, Episode Examples, Story Arcs, Future Seasons & Theme

Date / Time

During this week's lecture, your Instructor will: 

  • Instructor will outline the new sections: Pilot Synopsis, Episode Examples, Story Arcs, Future Seasons & Theme
More about
Michael Poisson
Television Writer

Michael is an LGBTQ+ writer who has four Emmy nominations for his work on Adult Swim’s critically-acclaimed, animated comedy ROBOT CHICKEN. Most recently, he finished working as a Co-Producer on The CW's queer sci-fi, action series TOM SWIFT. Before that, he wrote on Netflix’s super hero dramedy series RAISING DION as well as on the Hulu animated comedy CROSSING SWORDS. On the development side, Michael previously developed with Red Hour and Full Fathom Five on his dark comedy, UNRAVELING: A Sadistic Musical. Before writing full time, Michael was the Director of Development for Krysten Ritter’s production company Silent Machine Entertainment. And outside of the industry, Michael has worked as a crisis counselor at The Trevor Project – a suicide lifeline for LGBTQ youth.


This class is so great, and Mike is truly the right person to teach it. I love how he guides you through the process! I will use this for all of my future packages, which there will be many of. I strongly recommend this class to any and everyone. It made so much sense, and now it's easier for me to grasp and conduct a strong series bible.

~ Debbie Oliver, Screenwriter

Michael confirmed some of the issues with the screenplay that I had been informed about already which made me more willing to make those changes. Michael also gave me some ideas to improve the general story and increase character motivation. The fact that he is an Emmy-nominated writer makes me confident in his suggestions. Michael was very personable, professional, and seemed to appreciate my personal connection to the story.

~ Anonymous Feedback Form Response

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