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As screenwriters, we're often told to make something to show our work: produce a web series, fund your own film, or make a comic book. But a web series or an indie film is a daunting and full-time task, and not all of us have the artistic connections or drawing skills to make a comic. Luckily for you, there's a medium that will show your work off and build a platform that costs almost nothing, and that you can start right now: a podcast!

Podcasting has exploded over the past few years, and Roadmap's very own Courtney Kocak is here to teach you the tricks of the trade so you can set your podcast up for success! 

This Five Week Class Will Cover

  • The different types of podcasts 
  • Planning the series
  • Writing, producing, and recording 
  • Editing and post-production 
  • Launching the show


Class One: Your Show's Premise and Recording Techniques

Date / Time

This week, we will discuss: 

  • The different podcast types 
  • Coming up with a unique angle 
  • Playing to your strengths
  • Elevator pitch of your show 
  • Preview of good trailers 

Class Two: Episode Planning, Booking Guests, and Making a Trailer

Date / Time

This week, we will discuss: 

  • Episode planning and content calendar 
  • Topical v. evergreen 
  • Considering segments 
  • Sustainable content strategies 
  • Leaning into your niche 
  • Booking guests and finding experts 
  • Researching, interviewing and prep 
  • Prepping a show rundown 

Class Three - Scripting, Post-Production, & Editing

Date / Time

This week, we will discuss: 

  • Scripting 
  • Intros and outros 
  • Citing sources 
  • Taking average tape to the next level in "post" 
  • Making cuts 
  • Post-scripting 
  • Editing 

Class Four - Publishing and Trailer Workshop

Date / Time

This week, we will discuss: 

  • Podcast hosting 
  • Publishing best practices 
  • Workshop of rough trailers 

Week Five - Marketing and Launch

Date / Time

This week, we will discuss: 

  • Tips for launching a new show 
  • Media kits 
  • Getting press coverage 
  • Tips for ongoing promotion of your podcast 
  • How to grow an existing audience 
  • Harnessing the power of social media, email lists, etc 
  • Arranging promo swaps and crossovers 
More about
Courtney Kocak

Courtney Kocak is a writer, podcaster, and comedian based in Los Angeles. She wrote for Amazon’s Emmy-winning animated series Danger & Eggs and Netflix’s Know It All podcast. She’s produced a slew of highly-ranked podcasts—including The Bellas Podcast, which debuted at #1 on Apple Podcasts, PayPal’s Never Stand Still, and Girlboss Radio—and currently hosts three of her own: Private Parts Unknown, about love and sexuality around the world, with over 1.5 million downloads to date, The Bleeders, about book writing and publishing, and Podcast Bestie, a very meta podcast for podcasters. Courtney is an independent producer for NPR affiliate KCRW, where she occasionally contributes radio stories, and her work has earned an LA Press Club award for gender and LGBT reporting. Courtney’s the proud mother of a 13-year-old boxer-pit named Georgia. For more, check out her website

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