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It's no secret that the marketplace favors projects based on IP. For screenwriters who aren't able to option the rights to an existing property, it can be super discouraging. But what if there was a way to create your own IP? Another piece of media that tells your story as a way to get it out there and start building an audience? 

Thankfully, there is! In this four week course, Roadmap favorite Justin Ross will guide you through the creation of your own piece of IP.  This program will reverse engineer your script into IP (i.e. podcasts, short stories, etc). 

Prior to Week 1, writers will send Justin the first 15 pages of their script so Justin can advise on what type of IP their story will best fit. The rest of the 4-week class, Justin will help writers develop their story to fit the best format, whether it be a podcast, short film or short story. 

Fun fact: some of our most recent success stories are from writers who are pitching podcasts and short films! 

This 4 Week Course Will Cover

  • Adapting your script 
  • Podcasts, short films, short stories 
  • Feedback on your new pages 
  • Next steps coaching

Week One - Finding the Story

Date / Time

This week, Justin will work with each writer to find the most compelling way to tell their story. 

Week Two - Outline Feedback

Date / Time

This week, Justin will give each writer feedback on their outline. 

Week Three - Revised Outline

Date / Time

This week, Justin will give each writer feedback on either their revised outline or first draft. 

Week Four - Feedback

Date / Time

This week, Justin will give you feedback on your polished draft. He will also discuss the next steps, such as getting the story published or how to move towards production/recording. 

More about
Justin Ross
EVP of Development & Production
Bohemia Group Originals

Justin Ross began his film career as a screenwriter. Mr. Ross’ script, THE ANSWER, was made into a short by Nebula Films in 2007.

In 2008, he joined Intrinsic Value Films as a Creative Executive. During his tenure at Intrinsic, he secured relationships with top talent, including Scott Free Productions and the estates of two of his favorite authors Ray Bradbury and Philip K. Dick. Mr. Ross joined Bohemia Group Originals as Director of Production in 2015 and was promoted to Executive Vice President of Development and Production in 2016 where he championed the company’s first feature, A DARK PLACE (distributed by Gravitas Ventures); winner of “Best Thriller” at the Manhattan Film Festival. Further credits include Associate Producer on the Spike Lee Executive Produced SON OF THE SOUTH. Upcoming projects include PREY with Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley and GLASS MOUNTAIN with Oscar winner Helen Hunt.


I registered for a four-week rewrite clinic with several friends hoping to find a solution to a problem we all shared in finding the right learning environment to workshop our material. When you teach creative writing to others, it’s challenging to find a group that allows you as a more experienced yet still evolving writer to get the same substantive feedback you provide your students. Furthermore, when you’re a creative from marginalized identities, you often get discouraging notes that imply you can either write commercial stories or stories that center your communities’ interests as if those two objectives are mutually exclusive. Justin Ross proved to be the perfect mentor for our group. He respected the stories each of us was trying to tell and provided specific notes and actionable exercises that gave us new ways into our revisions. There are few critique spaces where we feel we get the support we need, and having found Roadmap Writers and Justin Ross has gotten our creative year off to a wonderful start.

~ Sofia Quintero, Screenwriter

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