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Reading one hour dramas for Network and Cable, female driven stories, minority stories.

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More about Celena Cipriaso

Celena Cipriaso is a first-generation Filipina/American, who worked on Seasons 1-3 of THE CLEANING LADY for Fox and was most recently an Executive Story Editor. Previously a Staff Writer on CBS/Secret Hideout’s CLARICE, she worked her way up as a writer’s assistant on shows like STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. She was a fellow of the 2017-2018 NBC Writer’s on The Verge Program and was named as one of the up-and-coming TV writers for 2023-2024 Next List by Coverfly and Tracking Board. She got her start in TV helping her grandma learn English by watching All My Children (which she also eventually became a writer for). In another life, she was a pop culture and beer journalist for outlets such as CNN, Slate, and the Root.

How it Works

Private Month Mentorship

Each month mentorship kicks off with a preliminary 15-min. call to set expectations and lay out strategy for the month. Writer will have email access to the executive plus 4x one-hour consultations with the exec. Exec will read up to 4 scripts in one month (different drafts of the same script or 4 different scripts) and conduct 4x one-hour story notes calls. Calls can also include feedback on your pitch, branding, or career strategy.

If you pay with the deposit/payment plan, your second half will be due the 2nd week of the Mentorship. If you need a different type of payment plan, email dorian@roadmapwriters.com. 

**Please note feature screenplays are limited to 120 pages maximum. Please contact terra@roadmapwriters.com for pricing on a Month Mentorship on screenplays exceeding 120 pages.

What To Expect

After registering, you will receive an automatic Order Confirmation email. Then Roadmap's Director of Consultations, Terra Joy, will get your mentor looped in with you! If you do not hear from Terra or the exec within 3 days of registering, feel free to email terra@roadmapwriters.com for an update.

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Roadmap Writers prides itself on the quality of executives we bring to our programs and we work hard to get you the best feedback possible.

Our vetted executives are chosen by the legitimacy of the companies they work for and their ability to evaluate pitches and pages.

Only the executives you sign up for will be provided with your materials.