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Particularly Interested In

Female-led, character-driven dramedies. Want to know all the next gen Phoebe Waller-Bridges, Sharon Horgans, Lucy Prebbles, etc. This is mostly about voice and theme, so you could put that into different scenarios and/or genres.

Interested in reading available features that fit the bill. Can be low-er concept if the writing is really* good and full of observation and dark comedy.

Interested in TV if it has the same grounded character work, but bonus points in TV if it has some sort of higher concept twist.

Women Writers
Writers of Color
LGBTQIA+ Writers
Writers Over 40
Authors (Fiction)
Feature Genres
Budget Range
All Budget Ranges
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Half-Hour Pilots (single-cam)
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Book Adaptation
Dark Comedy
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Socially Relevant
Specifically Not Interested In

Not really into Horror, Super Hero, Big Budget Action.

More about Cameran Surles

Cameran is a writer and producer in Los Angeles. She got her start in production and in front of the camera and has worked with such award-winning directors as Terrence Mallick, James L. Brooks, Gus Van Sant, Bennet Miller and Aaron Sorkin. These experiences instilled in her a deep and enduring love of flawed, complex characters and stories that find the comedy in spite of the tragedies of life.

Most recently, she oversaw development for former head of Paramount Adam Goodman's company Invisible Narratives, where she produced 2 feature films and developed and EP'd an HBO Max pilot. She currently is a development consultant for Adler Entertainment Trust with the goal of setting up the many titles of acclaimed author Warren Adler for film and TV in addition to managing their first-look deal with Searchlight Studios. She also has several independent feature projects in various stages of development.

She has also studied writing and directing with Sundance.

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