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Character driven dramadies, crime dramas, psychological thrillers, real world family dramas, scifi/fantasy with a firm base in the real world.

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TV movies, multi-cam comedies, crime/medical procedurals

More about Brian Williamson

From working on a Netflix sets, to sitting in on pitches at Amazon Studios, to processing deals at a high-end agency and giving revision notes on big budget features at Silver Pictures, Brian has had the unique opportunity to fulfill many roles around the industry. At Silver Pictures and Dark Castle Entertainment, Brian tracked submissions, and provided feedback on drafts and dailies for multi-million dollars projects such as SUPERFLY, SHERLOCK HOLMES, SUBURBICON and more. He next went on to Muse Entertainment as the Development Coordinator where he has been involved in the development of a large slate of projects for Hallmark Channel, Netflix, Apple, Amazon and HBO. Most notably he worked on adapting The Martha Vineyard Mysteries into the highest rated Hallmark mystery series yet, as well as developed multiple treatments that were purchased for development at Muse. Currently Brian is working as an Independent Story Editor working with multiple high profile production companies to develop, edit and enhance specific projects and screenplays.


Brian was AMAZING! It's clear he's put in his 10,000+ hours in the biz. His notes were not only helpful, but they sparked great ideas that we batted back and forth. He helped make my pilot better by just talking through it! He expressed genuine enthusiasm about me and my writing, this particular pilot, and asked me to send him other materials. Yay!

~ Lisa Steadman, Screenwriter

Brian is now my go to for early draft work, his analysis and ideas are very useful without overpowering the original intent of the material. I would not hesitate to recommend Brian when you have a good draft that you want to turn into a great draft.

~ Paul Baiguerra, Screenwriter

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