Breaking in with Holiday Romance

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Weekly, starting: Sunday 11/05 @ 2:00PM - 3:30PM PT
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It's almost that time of year! Cozy sweaters (or tankinis), hot cocoa (or iced mochas), and holiday movies. Holiday movies span a wide breadth of tone, from It's A Wonderful Life, Elf, The Grinch, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Die Hard to Jingle Jangle, Christmas Chronicles, and Love Actually.

But every year over FIFTY new holiday ROMANCES premiere during the season. No, you're not delirious from chugging absinthe-laced egg nog! You read that right: FIFTY+. From Hallmark and Netflix, to other companies getting in the game, Christmas is as hot as ever. So if you have the next A Royal Christmas, Christmas Prince, etc. then you wanna jump into this course.

Writing a holiday movie is a great career move. But how do you actually do it? What is the structure, what are the expectations, and the requirements? And how do you rise above the crowd and get noticed? 

Join Roadmap alumna Lisa Hepner to get the tools you need to write your own holiday romance and build a career! 

This Two Week Clinic Will Cover: 

  • Writing the holiday romance 
  • The 9 act structure 
  • Building a career 
  • Getting a movie made 
  • Live Q&A 

Week One - Writing the Christmas Movie

Date / Time

This week, we will cover: 

  • The audience 
  • The difference between romance and Rom Coms 
  • Types of love stories 
  • The 9 act structure 
  • Loglines and outlines 

Week Two - Building a Career

Date / Time

This week, we will cover: 

  • Career goals 
  • The marketplace
  • Non-Christmas romance 
  • The rewrite process and working with development execs
  • Breaking in 
More about
Lisa Hepner

Lisa Hepner is a professional screenwriter with two Christmas movies, Christmas Wish in Hudson and Christmas Lover’s Anonymous that were out last year on Roku. She has another Christmas movie, Sappy Holiday, airing on UpTv this Christmas 2022. A non-Christmas romance, Love at the Lodge, is due out next year. She also has a Christmas Limited Series airing on CBC in Canada this Christmas (and the US in Christmas 2023). She has three more Christmas movies currently optioned and due out Christmas 2023.

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