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BECOME A PRO READER: Story Analysis &  Writing Coverage for Film & TV

This course is limited to only 10 writers who not only want to better understand the coverage they receive on their own scripts but also want to train to be considered for open industry-wide reading assignments!

You've heard of coverage and you may have even gotten some done on your scripts. It seems simple: you read the script and give notes, but coverage is a practiced technique that Readers (people who do coverage) need to learn and master like any other skill required for a job. For you to succeed in today's competitive industry and attempt to get a job as a Reader with a contest or company, you need to exhibit the basics of coverage and can provide a straightforward synopsis and insightful comments. Being a Reader is a coveted position in the industry and this Clinic will give you the edge you need to get ahead of the pack!

This 3-Week Clinic Will Cover:

  • What Coverage is
  • The different types of Coverage
  • How to write Coverage
  • The elements companies look for in your Coverage when they consider hiring
  • The art of understanding how to give notes - both verbally and in writing
  • Live Discussion!

Roadmap is also offering a special, limited number of FREE, sponsored spots for this class by application

We encourage members of the BIPOC, disabled, LGBTQIA+, and neurodivergent communities to apply. 

Please Submit your application by Monday, 1/15 @ 12:00pm PST for consideration. 

Week One - Introduction to Coverage

Date / Time

This week, we will cover: 

  • What coverage is and who coverage is done for and why 
  • Step by step on how to do script coverage
  • The different kinds of coverage
  • The Instructor's template for coverage 
  • Instructor will explain the homework 


Week Two - Coverage Critique and Comparisons

Date / Time

This week: 

  • Instructor will discuss common strengths and weaknesses she noticed from the homework 
  • Instructor will more specifically critique each writer's coverage highlighting things they did well and areas that need more fleshing out 
  • Instructor will share her own coverage for the same scripts with the class and do a comparison between her professional coverage and the class' first attempts 
  • Instructor will discuss the art of giving verbal notes v. written notes and explain the assignment for the following week 

Week Three - TV Coverage Notes

Date / Time

This week: 

  • Instructor will lead a discussion about the homework. 
  • Writers will pair up and read each other's coverages and give feedback. You will have until March 15th to implement these notes and send the coverage to your instructor. 
  • Instructor will offer tips and advice on where to look for open Reader positions and opportunities and what to expect if/when you land one. 
More about
Beverly Neufeld
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Beverly Neufeld received her MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA where she won first place in the Samuel Goldwyn competition for her feature, Brown Widow. She also won Slamdance’s TV pilot competition judged by Norman Lear’s Act III Productions for her original one-hour pilot, The Claytons. This script landed her both a manager and an agent. Other TV pilots and specs have won or placed in the Nicholls, the Warner Brother’s competition and more. Beverly has written for the children’s web show, The Gummy Bear Show, the series The Dating Chronicles, and has been hired to rewrite over six features, including the independent film,Wajdja, by the first Saudi Arabian female filmmaker, Haifaa al Mansour.

She has also just co-written a film in pre-production, Action! Action!

Beverly has also worked in development and as a reader and screenplay consultant for over 5,000 scripts. She was the Director of Development for Juntobox Films under Nina Yang and Forest Whittaker, and worked for such companies as Slamdance Films, CAA, FOX, Gersh, Coverage Ink, The Page Competition, and Roadmap Writers, etc. She also does private consultations and judges screenwriting competitions. Beverly has taught coverage workshops online, contributes to writing blogs and magazines, and has spoken on quite a few panels.

Her upcoming book: I Got You Covered: The Premiere and Fun Guide to Giving Script Coverage, Notes, and Story Analysis So Everybody Wins is set for publication in May, 2022.

Beverly loves writing and also helping others find, hone and express their vision and voice - all in an empowering and fun way.

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