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Alicia Agramonte is a professional filmmaker, producer and on screen talent that has worked in the industry for over 10 years. Alicia worked her way up from corporate commercial work to assisting on projects such as Netflix’s HOUSE OF CARDS, VEEP and David Simon’s critically acclaimed HBO mini series SHOW ME A HERO. Agramonte then transitioned to the network side of things serving as a production coordinator for unscripted and scripted projects for Viacom and BET Network before branching out as a creative executive, overseeing Morgan Freeman’s film slate through his production company Revelations Entertainment. She left her VP position to get back to directing and writing content. She currently serves as a creative producer for Mitu network, a Latinx culture brand and company and independent produces a variety of narrative, feature, and documentary content. She serves as a mentor for the Latino Film Institutes’s Youth Cinema Project collaboration with Netflix, showcasing underrepresented filmmakers films. She is passionate about storytelling and script development.

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