2024 Roadmap Podcasting Competition Interviews

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Connor Pritchard - Writer & Podcast Competition Judge

2024 Podcasting Competition is open for submissions!

Join us in learning more about one of our judges,  what they believe makes for a compelling narrative podcast, and the benefits of producing a podcast.

Interview with Connor Pritchard

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Tiffany Yarde - Director of Competitions, Roadmap Writers

Tiffany Yarde graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Having been raised in public housing by Bajan immigrants has led Tiffany to write about culturally diverse characters struggling with self-acceptance. Tiffany was a fellow in the inaugural class of the Creative Corridor Program and recently co-wrote the short film Bon Voyage which premiered in NYC as part of the Women's Weekend Film Challenge. She also wrote the Tubi Original Film, Dress For Success. When not developing content that challenges the monolithic perception of the "Black experience," Tiffany enjoys spending time with her husband and fantasizing about the day when they will be able to kick their 5 children out so they can travel the world.

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Connor Pritchard
Writer & Podcast Competition Judge

Connor was raised by a family of storytellers. It’s in his genes. His father is a comedian turned youth counselor. His mother managed the comedy club where they met. Around our dinner table, the family never discussed report cards or homework, they took turns telling funny real-life stories. A good story is Connor's family’s currency. Generating, crafting and sharing stories has become his life-long passion.

For the past decade, Connor has been working in the Hollywood trenches. He's created two TV shows and was a showrunner on his last one (most challenging thing he's ever done). Selling TV shows can take years and the conditions have to be just right.

In between shows, Connor is a freelance creative for brands. He's written everything from animated commercials to tone of voice guides.

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