Garrick Dion

Producer, Independent
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Crime/True Crime
Dark Comedy
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True Story
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Specifically Not Interested In

Anything that feels too domestic, i.e. an American Workplace Comedy, or a male-humor-specific Comedy like THE HANGOVER—projects that might not ultimately "travel". Comedy is a different beast and isn't a "no" for me, especially as 5X is a management company as well as it is a production company, but is definitely not something I'm actively seeking out.

More about Garrick Dion

A graduate of Ithaca College, Cape Cod native Garrick Dion is currently an Independent Producer. Most recently, Garrick was at 5X where he has partnered with Scott Einbinder (HITMAN’S BODYGUARD) and Seth Nagel (LAID TO REST). Garrick has over 25 years of experience in the film and television industry. He began his career as an intern for producer Joel Silver (THE MATRIX) and has worked as a studio development exec for WB, New Regency (BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY), Artisan/Lionsgate, and Bold Films (NIGHTCRAWLER, DRIVE, WHIPLASH). While at BRON studios (TULLY, THE FRONT RUNNER, CAPONE), Garrick started and oversaw the in-house genre label The Realm, for which he produced the sci-fi feature PROSPECT (based on the SXSW award-winning short) and the darkly comic thriller VILLAINS, both released through Gunpowder + Sky. Garrick has also been a screenwriter and consultant on various projects for WB (A WALK TO REMEMBER), Mandalay (THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME), Endgame (MURDER MYSTERY), and the SyFy Channel.


Garrick Dion went above and beyond. His comments were not only technically sound, but well-rooted in reading “the market.” He was also very personable and overly generous with his time during the [Rewrite Clinic] session. Most importantly, his attention to and recall of detail was truly impressive in each and every case. His notes left me not weighed down with the humdrum thought of reworking structure, but with the true excitement of being able to logically and contemporaneously incorporate them into my work.

~ Bob Winston

A BIG thanks to Garrick Dion for his insightful, informative, and producer-conscious notes on my latest screenplays. After reading two of my scripts and offering detailed feedback, I can with 100% confidence say I have two scripts ready for circulation. He helped me bring my characters to life and lifted my action description off the page. He has tons of industry knowledge and will help you get your script exec-ready. I loved his down-to-earth personality and loyal attention to my career. I can't recommend Garrick enough!

~ Clint Ross, Screenwriter

Garrick helped me get to the heart of my story, to focus on the characters, not the plot, and to help them move the plot forward. That made all the difference. Once I made those changes, I was able to focus on his specific questions, which helped me fine-tune the characterizations and plot points. His knowledge of the industry was invaluable in teaching me what a script needs to sell. As a new screenwriter, living outside of the LA area, I was extremely grateful to learn this. I can’t recommend Garrick highly enough. Any screenwriter would be lucky to work with him.

~ Mary Beth W - Screenwriter

Garrick proved to be worthy of his solid reputation. He had excellent ideas and insights, and we were able to workshop many problem areas of my (admittedly very complex) screenplay. He was generous with his time, thorough with his feedback, and thoughtful with his insights. An excellent experience - I would work with Garrick again in a heartbeat!

~ Kevin M. Jones, Screenwriter

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