It's one thing to get your first draft down on paper. It's another to make sure it's ready to market. In the below programs, you will have the opportunity to work directly with a working industry executive to develop your screenplays and polish your work to ensure it's ready for the marketplace!


 Matchmaker Clinics

Get teamed up with an executive that is actively working in the genre/format of the project that you have! Limited to only 5 writers, Matchmakers meet online over 2 sessions for 2 hours each (with a week between for rewrites). Show executives how you take and implement story notes!

Group Mentorships

Workshop up to 4 scripts in a single month! Limited to only 5 writers, Group Mentorships meet online for 2 hours at the same time each week for 4 weeks. Your executive will read each writer's submitted material and prepare notes each week.