Interview with Roadmap Writers Success Story #381 - Lisa Cole

Lisa Cole Interview

It's that time again! We have another Success Story to share with you. This time we chatted with Lisa Cole about her journey to representation. Enjoy!

This interview was submitted on 4/12/2024

Firstly, tell us about yourself! Who are you as a writer & who did you end up signing with?

Hi! My name is Lisa Cole, and I'm an Oscar-Shortlisted writer/filmmaker and creative activist committed to crafting diverse authentic narratives that spark social change. Influenced by my journey living with 201 host families across 12 countries in the span of 3 years, I bring a unique global perspective to my work. By amplifying marginalized voices and drawing inspiration from true stories, I use film as a powerful tool for advocacy and impact.

How did you meet your now rep? What was that first interaction like and how did it lead to your professional relationship now?

Joey Tuccio connected me to my wonderful manager, Nicholas Bogner, head of the lit department at Affirmative Entertainment. That initial meeting lasted two hours, and I was so impressed that Nicholas had read my work and had meaningful notes and concrete ideas for next steps. I'm so happy to be represented by him.

From the moment you started training and/or working with Roadmap Writers, how long has it been before you secured your current representation?

I joined Roadmap Writers a couple of years ago and got more involved until this past year after meeting Joey Tuccio in person at the Austin Film Festival. He's been so supportive of my work. As a matter of fact, Joey was how I found out my short film was Oscar-Shortlisted as he was the first person to text me with the news! From there, he worked so hard to secure meetings that led to representation!

How did (if at all) Roadmap Writers assist in getting you to this point? Do you think you could've made this step in your screenwriting career without Roadmap?

I have Joey Tuccio to thank for so much! Not only did he champion me and my work, he made sure I found representation and continues to be an incredible support today!

What types of stories do you write? What's your "writer brand" and how do you think that helped you attract a good match for representation?

I am a 'Nomadic Narrator,' crafting narratives about the universal human experience while navigating the intricate balance between beauty and brutality. My passion lies in adapting true stories that illuminate underrepresented voices. My work is about authenticity, a global perspective fueled by my extensive travels, and a steadfast commitment to harnessing storytelling as a force for social change and advocacy.

What do you hope your next steps are? What are your immediate goals now that you've landed representation?

I'm taking a lot of meetings and have two production companies on board for collaboration! It's like that saying, 'Success happens when preparation meets opportunity,' and everything I've done so far has led to this moment. I'm ready to seize these opportunities and take the next big step in my career. I'm so grateful to Roadmap Writers for helping to ensure that I'm getting these opportunities.

In 10 years, what do you want your screenwriting career to look like?

In 10 years, I want to be known for a memorable body of work that is a catalyst for change. One of the best feelings is when someone comes up to me and says my film touched them personally—it's incredibly satisfying!

Thanks, Lisa, for taking the time to tell us about your journey and goals - Best of luck! 

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