Interview with Roadmap Writers Success Story #374 - Chrissy Maroon

Chrissy Maroon
Chrissy Maroon signed with Gramercy Park Entertainment. They met through Roadmap Writers.


You know the drill! We have a signed writer Success Story we want to share with you, so we chatted with Chrissy Maroon to learn more about her journey to representation and beyond! 


This interview was submitted on 3/26/2024

Firstly, tell us about yourself! Who are you as a writer & who did you end up signing with?

Hello :) I'm Chrissy Maroon, and I'm a television writer who loves Young Adult and Coming of Age stories. It was my dream to write for a CW show as iconic as GOSSIP GIRL or THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. So, to be staffed on THe CW's RIVERDALE was literally that dream come true. So far, I have felt so lucky in my writing career. And now, I feel even luckier to have met my manager, Mitchell Bendersky!

How'd you meet your now rep? What was that first interaction like and how did it lead to your professional relationship now?

I met Mitchell through Roadmap Writers (THANK YOU)! We instantly clicked. Like immediately when I logged onto the Zoom, I was like: "Who is this man and why do I already love him? I loved his personality, his passion, his drive, and his love of Donald Glover. It felt like I knew him forever. And that's how I knew I wanted to work with him!

From the moment you started training and/or working with Roadmap Writers, how long has it been before you secured your current representation? 

I've never had reps before! And it took two months for me to decide to work with Mitchell since I began my journey with Roadmap.

How did (if at all) Roadmap Writers assist in getting you to this point? Do you think you could've made this step in your screenwriting career without Roadmap?
No, I don't think I could have made this step without Roadmap. Even though I have years of staffed writing experience, it felt impossible to get myself in front of an agent or manager. Roadmap became my beacon of light during the strike, and then my savior! I joked to myself that Joey Tuccio was my guardian angel.

What types of stories do you write? What's your "writer brand" and how do you think that helped you attract a good match for representation?
I love love love YA content and coming of age stories! I find my one of my greatest assets in a writers room is my love of pop culture and being in-the-know. I also love ensemble casts. When I made references in my initial meeting with Mitchell, he understood them. I'm also a DJ, so we also bonded over our love of music and music festivals!


Has your mindset about what you're writing changed now that you've added representation to your team? What's the biggest lesson you've learned or had to adapt to since you've been working with your rep?

I know all of my answers sound so happy and cheesy (especially with how bleak the state of the industry is right now), but working with Mitchell has made my writing better. Of course, as writers, we are so precious about our material and sometimes unwilling to change our ideas. But Mitchell helps me work passed my limitations and make my work even better. I find I work best in a collaborative situation, so working with a rep is something that I know will make me a better writer.

What do you hope your next steps are? What are your immediate goals now that you've landed representation?

I'd love to get staffed on another show!

In 10 years, what do you want your screenwriting career to look like?

I'd love to be working on, if not creating, the next hot teen drama!

Thanks, Chrissy, for taking the time to tell us about your journey and goals - Best of luck! 

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