YOU Are The Secret Ingredient: How Your Voice Is Your Secret Weapon

Webinars ~ Craft Series
Hosted By:
Steve Bagatourian - Award-Winning Screenwriter

Okay, who here has ever gotten feedback on their voice? No, not your speaking voice, not your singing voice, and certainly not your yodeling voice. We’re talking about your voice as a writer: your voice on the page. It’s one of those elements that’s hard to describe, hard to pin down, and hard to develop, and that’s if you can even figure out what you want your voice to be.

Well, don’t fret! Steven Bagatourian is here to help crystallize some of the more confusing and nebulous aspects about finding your voice, and how that voice is your greatest strength as a writer!

This 90-Minute Webinar Covers:

  • Why someone telling you that you have a strong VOICE on the page is the greatest compliment of all
  • How to write description that is actually fun to read
  • The key to writing unforgettable dialogue
  • How to edit with an eye toward ELEVATING your work from craft to art
  • Why you NEED to be highly uncomfortable sometimes... and that's a good thing
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Steve Bagatourian
Award-Winning Screenwriter


At the age of 21, Steven Bagatourian's screenplay, WEASEL, won the Grand Prize in the international Cinestory Screenwriting Awards com­pe­tition. Since then, Steven has sold scripts to many companies, including Warner Bros, New Crime Productions, Mandalay Entertainment, Participant Media, Echo Lake Productions, and 20th Century Fox. AMERICAN GUN (2005), co-written by Steven, was released in theaters by IFC Films; it starred Forest Whitaker, Marcia Gay Harden, and Donald Sutherland; the film was nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards (Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress). Steven was the original writer for the Tupac biopic, ALL EYEZ ON ME, having written the first six drafts of the film for Morgan Creek Productions. He has also enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Alcon Entertainment (THE BLINDSIDE, BLADERUNNER 2049), on multiple projects, the most recent being an upcoming biopic of legendary Harlem street basketball icon, Pee Wee Kirkland. Over the years, Steven has worked on a wide variety of film and theater projects with world class professionals, ranging from Denzel Washington to Dr. Dre. He lives in Los Angeles.


I found Steve's Webinar to be the most insightful and valuable screenwriter’s talk I have ever heard on the writer’s voice! He delivered some wonderfully counterintuitive points that truly resonated after I meditated on them.

~ James C., Screenwriter

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