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Aadip Desai - Director of Brand Management & Marketing, Roadmap Writers

With a new year, comes a new addition to the Roadmap team. Join us for this special one hour webinar event to get to know the incredible Aadip Desai! 

This 60 Minute Webinar Will Cover

  • Who is Aadip?
  • What is Aadip?
  • What drew Aadip to Roadmap?
  • How does Aadip want to help Roadmap evolve? 
  • Fellowship Applications, Screenwriting, and Animal Husbandry!
More about
Aadip Desai
Director of Brand Management & Marketing
Roadmap Writers

Aadip Desai is not only our Director of Brand Management & Marketing he’s a client. As Success Story #98 he got his agent and manager through Roadmap. Aadip was honored as a 2020-2021 BAFTA Breakthrough artist for his work as a Staff Writer on THE GOLDBERGS (ABC), a show mostly about yelling. Aadip also wrote for MIRA, ROYAL DETECTIVE (Disney Jr.), a secret Nickelodeon/Netflix show, and a highly classified DreamWorks/Netflix series. Shhhh! He was in AFI’s MFA Screenwriting program but dropped out to join the ABC/Disney TV Writing Program, or whatever it’s called now, thanks to corporate restructuring.

Ever the advocate for writers, Aadip runs the LA TV Writers Facebook Group, is an Advisor/Instructor at the Sundance Institute, and a speaker at BAFTA, WGA, CAPE, and leading film schools--AFI, NYU, UCLA, and USC. He’s somehow a mentor for BAFTA Breakthrough, Read Latin Writers Initiative, and judge for the 1497 South Asian Writers Fellowship. He’s a former producer/co-host at On The Page podcast with Pilar Alessandra, Development Intern at Trancas Films, and President of the Northwest Screenwriters Guild.

In his hazy life before writing, Aadip had an extensive career in creative and operational positions in the music business (Starbucks), tech (Microsoft), and education (Reading Rainbow). He has a functionless BA in Economics and a Minor in Music from the University of Puget Sound. Aadip is a member of the WGAw and BAFTA.

Aadip’s most infamous for his appearance as a castmember on Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America. Aadip has murdered five sideburn trimmers in the last 18 months.

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram for his thoughts on diversity and inclusion in the writing business, and unflattering photos. He also has a wealth of screenwriting resources on his website.

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