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Amena Kheshtchin-Kamel - Writer

Social media is everywhere you go. Between Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, Clubhouse, and whatever got created five minutes ago, it can be daunting for creatives trying to gain a foothold.

  • Are you scared of getting into Screenwriter Twitter drama over bolded sluglines, but feel the pressure to join?
  • Do you have a robust presence on social media, tons of engagement, and yet can’t seem to get many returns?
  • Are you active on Instagram but not sure how to convert tons of followers into meaningful traction for your career?
  • Does your mom still say The Facebook?

In this free webinar, writer/producer Amena Kheshtchin-Kamel will walk you through leveraging social media platforms to enhance your marketing strategy.

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Amena Kheshtchin-Kamel

Amena Kheshtchin-Kamel is a writer-producer repped at Gotham Group and The Seymour Agency. She holds a Juris Doctorate from ASU Law, receiving a certificate in IP Law studies. Amena has a debut memoir TBA, a feature she successfully shopped to a production company in her debut as producer, and TV/Comics projects in early development. She is also podcaster, producer, and co-founder of ASU Law legal podcast MEASURED JUSTICE, for which she received a Forbes 30 Under 30 nomination from her team at ASU Law School. 

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