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More about James Moorer
James is a best-selling author, working screenwriter, producer, director, and motivational speaker with a dynamic passion for the entertainment industry. James has worked as an actor and voice talent on numerous projects. He is a member of the Organization of Black Screenwriters and was recently accepted into the Independent Writers Caucus. He recently celebrated his first script sale of 2024, and his production company, Hammerjaxx Films, has previously sponsored one of the prizes in Roadmap Writers' Diversity Initiative. Ever creating, James launched Dark Anthem Press, a division of One Moorer last fall for book-to-screen projects. He's passionate about finding the story within the story and helping writers find both their voice and their own given greatness. His other passion is being the San Fernando Valley's expert on Pancakes.

James has a wonderfully no nonsense style to his inspirational approach. He has his thumb on the pulse of this industry and a passion for guiding us toward our success. Thank you James!

~ Renee Brown, Screenwriter

James Moorer is a powerful motivator who has his finger to the entertainment pulse. James helped me craft and hone my personal logline and feel comfortable with my elevator pitch. He's excellent with strategy and has plentiful ideas. Beyond all that, he is a kind soul down to his very core. I am so thankful I met James Moorer through Roadmap Writers.

~ Tiffany Chandon, Screenwriter

After just a few sessions with James, I felt stronger about my ability to pitch and he gave me the confidence to rise above my own self-doubt. James has an exceptional ability to provide the exact guidance when it comes to everything from cleaning up your pages to building your personal narrative. What I will cherish most about working with James is his kindness and commitment in making sure you shine brighter than you thought possible.

~ Marisa Marquez, Screenwriter

James is such a careful, detailed, nuanced reader. He looks at a script and imagines multiple possibilities for what it could be and just lays the tools in front of you for you to pick the best option. He's great about guiding a writer's hand and reassuring them that they know what they're doing. He helped me take my pilot from good to great in no time.

~ Gregory Blackmon Jr, Screenwriter

Working with James Moorer through Roadmap has been nothing but a pleasure. He's as relatable as your buddy from high school but has the acumen and drive that Hollywood runs on. James is a straight-shooter who's not afraid to tell you what you need to hear because he cares (and it shows!) Our writing, presentation process, and mindset have all developed tremendously through Roadmap, and I can directly attribute a lot of that to James.

~ Kenneth Hicks and Jibreel Turner, Screenwriters

You will know who James is within 10 seconds of chatting. He's an open book and an open heart. He freely shares decades of valuable experience, saving you from learning "the hard way" but with the excitement of a child on Christmas Eve. He truly loves his craft, this business, and you. When he told me he related to my story of an Asian woman who hated to look in the mirror, he had tears in his eyes. You won't be a list of adjectives and selling points for him, you'll be a human and an artist. Anyone who works with James will feel his love and ability to move mountains.

~ Stephanie Bast, Screenwriter

Pitch practice with James not only helped me hone the words of my pitch, but helped me feel more prepared and empowered to bring my pitch into the real world. We walked through each sentence until the overall structure felt right. While some of the solutions were clear to James, he carefully ensured that the pitch felt authentic to me and the story I was telling. James reminds us about the power of connecting with people and how hard work can pay off. I walked away with tools that I can use to craft future pitches. His encouragement and relevant feedback were efficient and inspiring. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with James Moorer.

~ Rebecca Brewer, Screenwriter

James is the genuine article. He is always available for advice or questions and guided me in a way that found my match with my reps. His door is always open and no question is too small or too big. He knows his way around the business and is a stellar matchmaker. Welcoming, warm, and a guy who's been in the writer trenches—he gets it and will go the distance to help other writers too.

~ Alison Wroblewski, Screenwriter

I have the honor and privilege of knowing James E. Moorer (II) in his professional capacity as Director of Diversity Initiatives and Outreach for Roadmap Writers. As a coach and mentor for aspiring screenwriters, one could not wish for a more supportive, patient, and knowledgeable professional to have in your corner. He treats each writer and their projects with respect and integrity. Coaching sessions with "Uncle James" are not only inspirational and a great confidence boost, but his approach allows the writer to take a breath and realize the world ain't gonna end with the first or subsequent rejection. There's always a way forward and he will help you find it. James does not sugar-coat—he's forthright in his approach. Trust him and with his guidance he'll show you how to develop and present your work in the best possible light. There's no doubt his guidance and collegial support towards all who have the privilege to work with him comes from a foundation of love and respect—for the writer, their aspirations, and to the craft.

~ Diana Black, Screenwriter

James is the perfect mentor and coach for anyone pursuing a career in screenwriting. He provides insightful, actionable feedback that has made me a better writer. His notes on my pitch were particularly helpful, and I credit his feedback with the reason that my project has been so warmly received. He's also generous with his praise and gives a great pep-talk, which we all need from time to time. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with James, and I would encourage anyone, from a newbie to a pro, to do the same.

~ Megan Green, Screenwriter

James is an absolute delight to work with! He has been a great mentor: from our first call to discuss a strategy for my career, to helping me hone my personal brand, to reading my projects and hearing my pitches and giving me insightful feedback, to being my biggest cheerleader! Interacting with James never fails to inspire and energize me. His personality is so electric and positive! He knows so much about the business from his own personal experiences and is always willing to share. He's the hardest working writer I know. I can't recommend James enough. (Plus, he knows everything there is to know about pancakes!)

~ Meemee Taylor, Screenwriter

Anyone who meets James is lucky to discover they have tremendous support on their side. James' charisma and care brings ease to writers as they dive into pitching for the first time. After running my pitch with James, the feedback and encouragement I received cemented the confidence I had for my story and my presence. Also an accomplished writer, James' business sense grounds writers who are finally stepping into their professional careers. Part mentor, part cheerleader, part career bodyguard... James has your back!

~ Courtney Harrell, Screenwriter

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