The Ins & Outs of Option, Shopping & Attachment Agreements w/ Sean Pope

Webinars ~ Legal Series
Hosted By:
Sean Pope - Senior Associate, Ramo Law PC

So, you have a great idea for a script based on this book, article, or story you’ve read, and you already know who you want to be your lead and are ready to start taking this around town. There’s just one problem, you don’t know how to go about doing any of this. Sure, you can ask that actor/director if they’re interested in being attached to your projects, but you have no idea what to do beyond that. Do you need some kind of contract? What are reasonable, standard terms? Should you draft it, or should you hire an attorney?

Well, wonder no more! Roadmap is thrilled to have Sean Pope, Esq. here to teach this Webinar on option, shopping, and attachment agreements!

This 90-Min Webinar Will Cover:

  • What is the difference between option, shopping, and attachment agreements 
  • Why having these agreements is important 
  • Common problems and mistakes typical of these agreements 
  • The benefits of having a lawyer helping you navigate through the legalese
More about
Sean Pope
Senior Associate
Ramo Law PC

Sean Pope works with producers and production companies focusing on all aspects of production legal services from development to distribution, with a particular focus towards documentaries and docu-series.

He serves as production counsel for Emmy award-winning companies Boardwalk Pictures (CHEF'S TABLE, CHEER) and Scout Productions (QUEER EYE), as well as Caliwood Pictures (A NICE GIRL LIKE YOU) and The Solution Entertainment Group (KILLERMAN, LINE OF DUTY, HONEST THIEF). Other recent highlights include 2021 Tribeca Film Festival titles ACCEPTED,  CLAYDREAM and NO MAN OF GOD and A.V. Rockwell’s directorial debut A THOUSAND AND ONE.

Sean enjoys being a part of teams that help elevate unconventional stories, and he delights in sharing his experience with young producers, writers and lawyers when he has the opportunity. 

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