First Impressions: How to Nail the Character Introduction

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Hosted By:
James Moorer - Director of Writer Outreach & Diversity Initiatives, Roadmap Writers

Picture this: you sit down to finally write that script you've been developing and outlining forever. As you put and begin to write, you get to your characters' first appearance and you stop to consider how best to introduce them. Should you talk about their backstory, their personality, that scar they got when they fell off their bike in the seventh grade? And how much detail is too much? 

Beyond the introduction you write for them, there's also the characters' dialogue to consider. What should their first lines be? And how can you be sure that the reader understands this character quickly? 

To answer all this and more, Roadmap welcomes Top Tier Writer James Moorer to the webinar stage! 

This 90-Minute Webinar Will Cover: 

  • Characterization
  • The importance of evocative language 
  • Voice and Dialogue
  • Audience Q&A 
More about
James Moorer
Director of Writer Outreach & Diversity Initiatives
Roadmap Writers

James is a best-selling author, screenwriter, producer and motivational speaker who loves to find a way to succeed. James has also worked as an actor and voice talent on numerous projects. He's passionate about finding the story within the story and helping writers find their own given greatness. His other passion is being the San Fernando valley's expert on Pancakes.

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