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Particularly Interested In

Half hour comedies. Ideally female driven, but that's not a rule. Hour long comedy-drama pilots or rom-coms are intriguing as well! I'm interested in stories that are joyful, or make me think outside of the box. Stories that keep me on the edge of my seat. I'm less concerned about specific genre and format, and more reading stories that can make a difference, or make me laugh, or feature a strong female protagonist.

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Specifically Not Interested In

Horror, or super heady world building stories. I like sci-fi if it's less about the specific science and more about the mystery or characters. For me, character based stories trump plot driven pilots. In that vein, not that interested in procedurals or soap operas.

More about Emily Bice

Emily Bice is a writer and comedian. She graduated from The University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre, and Dance where she studied theatre and screenwriting. Bice has worked in several writers' rooms: The CW’s The 100 and after that, Amazon’s The Boys. She just wrapped as the showrunner and development assistant for Gloria Calderon Kellett (One Day At A Time, With Love). Working in the One Day At A Time writers room provided lessons in multicam, and the With Love (upcoming Amazon show) writers room offered an education in one-hour rom-coms. Her work in development involved extensive coverage, along with assisting in the pitch, development, and writing processes for both TV and feature projects.

As a playwright, Bice has mounted shows in Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, and on zoom during the pandemic. Performing as a stand-up and improviser in LA also affords ample knowledge of the comedy scene.

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