Destress and Get Focused Fast!

Webinars ~ Craft Series
Hosted By:
Suzanne Gundersen - Founder, ScreenwriteNOW & Inner Story Coach

 Life is overstimulating, we’re living overwhelmed; some days it can be a challenge to feel inspired, connect with your writing voice and keep positive! Your writing stress may include: your negative inner critic, personal and professional worries, anxiety, fears, creative blocks, personal issues, life distractions; all keeping you from your writing flow.

Understand what’s behind your stress, and how self-use, easy to learn tools and techniques, (based in neuroscience and energy methods) can help you naturally clear any block (personal, professional, creative) and reconnect with your writing rhythm and flow.

Join this live, interactive workshop to learn and experience how to naturally calm internal chaos and experience peace and clarity, on demand. Identify the formula that quickly connects you with your inspiration, voice, and gets you writing ready.

This 60-Minute Webinar Will Cover:

  • The brain/body science behind what keeps us stressed
  • Methods to actually destress and get productive
  • How to clear the path and let your story flow
  • Audience Q&A!



More about
Suzanne Gundersen
ScreenwriteNOW & Inner Story Coach

Suzanne Gundersen is the founder of ScreenwriteNOW and Inner Story Coach who mentors & teaches screenwriters and industry creatives how to clear the path that let’s their story flow.

Since 2015, she has skillfully helped screenwriters overcome fears, worries & blocks on demand, get focused and sharpen creativity, build tremendous confidence, and deepen their emotional worldview into wisdom & truth, to hook audiences into wanting more. She uses natural tools & techniques that relieve tension & stress, so her clients become more authentic and embodied in their work.

She expertly shares a technique she calls Neuro-Energy Tapping, a self-use acupressure technique that calms the mind and relaxes the body; combined with her 3RP Method, creates powerful shifts towards experiencing the 5C’s; centered calm, clarity, creativity and confidence!

Her programs “Just Write Now” and “Get Pitch Ready” have helped thousands of screenwriters get focused into their creative rhythm & flow, effortlessly finish scripts and pitch with confidence. “My Worldview” is a program that helps writers transform their personal hero’s journey, so they can feel safe to express their emotional truth in their writing & presenting their work.

Her work supports individuals and groups, she speaks & leads online workshops and programs. Visit to download her free e-book and schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs & goals.

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