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The start of a new project is always exciting. You flesh out your concept, dive into your research, start thinking about an outline, and begin developing your characters. But is there a tried and true method for developing compelling and dynamic characters to populate your story? How do you nail down their personality, flesh out their backstory, figure out their wounds and flaws, and set up a satisfying arc for them? 

Join Roadmap's Director of Education for this special three week clinic to learn the tricks of the trade! 

In This 3-Week Clinic You Will:

  • Flesh out your main character's personality 
  • Develop their backstory, their flaws, and their wounds
  • Craft a satisfying arc
  • Get weekly personalized feedback on your material

Week One - Developing the Personality

Date / Time

For this session, we will focus on developing the main character's personality. 

  • Instructor will lecture on different approaches to building your characters' personalities. 
  • Instructor will give exercises and examples in class to help students think critically about characters' personalities.
  • Instructor will give each student feedback on their homework.
  • Instructor will explain the homework for the next session. 

Week Two - Backstory, Wounds & Fatal Flaws

Date / Time

This week, we will focus on developing the character's backstory, wounds and fatal flaws. 

  • Instructor will lecture on ways to build a character’s backstory. 

  • Instructor will discuss wounds and fatal flaws. 

  • Instructor will give each student feedback on their homework. 

  • Instructor will explain the homework for the next session. 

Week Three - Wants, Needs & Character Arcs

Date / Time
  • Instructor will lecture about character wants and needs. 
  • Instructor will lecture on crafting an arc for your character. 
  • Instructor will give each student feedback on their homework.
More about
Alexandra Davies
Director of Education
Roadmap Writers

Alexandra holds a degree in English Literature from UCLA, which she earned while pursuing acting. As an actress for many years, she learned the ins and outs of dialogue first hand, both on stage and in front of the camera. As the Director of Education at Roadmap, Alex strives to identify the most common hurdles writers face in developing their work and design classes, clinics, and webinars to address these issues. Dialogue in particular is something she's heard execs harp on time and time again, so she developed this class to tackle the subject head-on. In addition, Alex is a writer with several scripts, a novel, a short film (produced during the AT&T Shape Create-A-Thon), and a webseries (coming soon!) under her belt. Prior to Roadmap, Alex worked in live events, law, and education.

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