Crafting An Effective Logline & Comps with Michael Poisson

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Michael Poisson, Writer

Let’s get real here - there are a lot of elements that go into a successful screenwriting career, but the scripts themselves are only one part of that. The other elements come down to marketing. Everything from your concept, to the logline, to the elevator pitch, to the list of companies you want to reach out to. All these elements go into a successful career, and mastering them is often the difference between building and maintaining good connections and not.

Now that you have a marketable concept, you need to be able to communicate that concept quickly to people. For that, you need a succinct logline and effective tonal comparisons. In this session, Michael Poisson will give you actual formulas for composing loglines & choosing effective comps for your project.

More about
Michael Poisson

Michael Poisson is an LGBTQ writer and two-time Emmy Award nominee for his work on Adult Swim’s ROBOT CHICKEN. He also worked on the writing staffs of the Sony/Hulu stop-motion series CROSSING SWORDS, as well as the Macro/Netflix superhero series RAISING DION. Michael is the creator of a sci-fi comedy pilot in development at digital platform Eko. He is also the creator of the graphic novel THE ARCS published by Fanbase Press. Previously, he developed with Red Hour and Full Fathom Five on his dark comedy, UNRAVELING: A Sadistic Musical. Before writing full time, Michael was the Director of Development for Krysten Ritter’s production company Silent Machine Entertainment, based at Universal. Outside of the industry, Michael has worked as a crisis counselor at The Trevor Project – a suicide lifeline for LGBTQ youth.

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