[Craft Series] Formatting, Proofreading, and Editing - Oh My!

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Terra Joy - Director of Consultations & Script Services, Roadmap Writers
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Whether you’re writing your first script or you’ve completed quite a few, one thing that never changes is the need for proper and consistent formatting, and a smooth, polished read. Formatting is a fundamental tool that can either make or break your success when the moment counts. It's the first thing that your reader will notice, and it's a common reason for them to stop reading and put your script in the No pile. If your script has inconsistencies, typos, formatting errors, dense paragraphs and dialogue blocks, then they won't trust you to execute your story (or someone else's) properly - over many drafts and many years. 

Join us for a special formatting and editing webinar to help you reach that professional level of polish before sending out your script. You might even learn about mistakes you didn't know you were making! 

This 90-Minute Webinar Will Cover:

  • Formatting basics
  • Most common mistakes 
  • Style choices and the path of least resistance 
  • Tips for catching more mistakes 
  • Special case scenarios
  • Live material review 
  • Q&A 

If you will be attending live, you can submit a .PDF of any 3 (consecutive) pages from your script for potential review during the webinar. Once you register for the webinar, see your confirmation email for instructions. Submit by Wednesday 9/22 @ 9:00am PST with the email subject: Editing Webinar. One submission allowed per person. Your host will randomly select a handful of submissions to edit prior, and discuss during the live webinar.  

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Terra Joy
Director of Consultations & Script Services
Roadmap Writers

Terra Joy started her career in Washington, DC as a journalist, copyeditor, and communications specialist. She's been to 35+ countries, has a BA in Political Science, and loves helping other writers develop their material. Having been raised by a life coach, when she's not connecting awesome creative people with other awesome creative people, she's nerding out on psychology, analyzing her favorite movies and TV shows, and trying to find the best boba tea flavor. 

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