A Conversation with Literary Manager Zach Cox

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Zach Cox - Manager, Circle of Confusion

In this wild, confusing industry, it's often hard to know which way is up sometimes!

Questions of "am I even writing a script somebody will want to make?", "how do I know what to do with my script when I'm done writing it?", "how do I make the most of my manager relationship when I'm finally repped?" can be swirling in your mind. 

We're bringing you Conversations with a Literary Manager to help clear some of the mystery and provide industry clarity on these questions and many more!

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Zach Cox
Circle of Confusion

A Northern California native, Zach Cox has been managing writers and directors for close to a decade now. When picking up a new script, he looks for character first because all good stories have a protagonist you want to go on a journey with. Zach is a father of two adorable children who motivate him to work longer hours than he probably should due to their insatiable toy appetites.

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