Briana's Pitchin' Good Time!

Hosted By:
Briana Hansen - Writer / Comedian
Monthly, starting on Friday, 06/11 @ 4:00PM - 5:30PM PT
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To really help ensure our writers are knocking their pitches out of the park, join this FREE interactive webinar to give you the tools on creating a solid pitch!

Writer and Comedian Briana Hansen draws from her background in acting, comedy, and writing to lead an open roundtable discussion on all things pitching.

We'll cover:

  • the blueprints of a pitch,
  • how make your pitch stand out,
  • how to get yourself mentally ready for a pitch,
  • how to read a room during your pitch,
  • how to curate your pitch based on the what you're pitching,
  • how to think outside of the box when creating pitches,
  • and, most importantly of all, how to remain present and relaxed while pitching.

Each Pitchin' Good Time is curated based on writer feedback both before and during the session. No matter what is focused on, what is asked, and what is discussed, it's always a Pitchin' Good Time.

More about
Briana Hansen
Writer / Comedian

Briana Hansen is an actress, comedian, and writer who loves creativity of all kinds. She's trained and performed at major comedy theaters nationwide and regularly tours the country with educational and entertaining shows. She loves helping writers find clarity in their voice, connection to their unique perspective, and confidence in themselves. 

How it Works

Immediately after registering, you will receive an Order Confirmation email that serves as the receipt for your registration. In the Order Summary section of this email, you will find the "JOIN LINK" to join the Live Webinar. Webinars are conducted via video conferencing software ZOOM. You will receive a link to the recording of the Webinar via email within 24 hrs. following the live session.

Can't Attend Live? Can't make the live session but still have a question you want to be answered during the Q&A portion? Email it to and submitted questions will be provided to the moderator to address during the Q&A. 

Questions? Shoot an email to our Director of Education Alexandra Davies at!

Please ensure you are familiar with our Code of Conduct.

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