Breaking Down Sitcom Structure

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Hosted By:
Jordan Rozansky - Writer/Producer

Sitcoms are hard. You're introducing a premise, world, and characters to an audience that isn't yet invested. In this Webinar, we will look at Season 1 episode outlines from NEW GIRL (network single-cam), 2 BROKE GIRLS (network multi-cam), and DETROITERS (cable single-cam), with a focus on their story structures.

You will see that these shows, with their different audiences and styles of comedy, are telling very similar and very SIMPLE stories. These stories will serve as a basis for your pilot, freeing you up to focus on characters and jokes and the things that'll make your script feel uniquely yours!

The goal here is simplifying; when you see the bones of a half-hour comedy show, we think you'll find pilots aren't actually so hard.

This 75-Min. Webinar Covers:

  • Learn what act breaks are and where they go
  • Deconstruct the sitcom structure
  • Real examples from existing shows will be used to highlight the lecture
  • Learn the three key steps your protagonist needs to go through
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Jordan Rozansky


Jordan Rozansky is a comedy writer and producer from Miami, Florida. His favorite job was making ASSASSIN BANANA, a digital series about a heartbroken banana with nothing to lose, starring voice work from Scarlett Johansson and Nathan Fillion. Jordan worked at THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno and AMERICAN WISEASS, a History Channel sketch show. For two years, he wrote and produced for a monthly live sketch show at iO West that played in the San Francisco Sketch Fest. Jordan worked in development for Ryan Reynolds’ film production company, Dark Trick Films, and Reynolds’ shared TV pod with Allan Loeb, DarkFire Television. He was responsible for creative notes, pitch preparation, and joke punch-ups. He then went to work for the Head of Talent at Anonymous Content, reading for and working closely with Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton.

Jordan has a dog named Dory and eight unnamed plants.

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