Roadmap Writers' Coletta Preacely-Garcia Diversity Fellowship Rules & Guidelines

Roadmap Writers' Coletta Preacely-Garcia Diversity Fellowship
Rules & Guidelines:  

  • Applicants who submit incomplete or late application steps will not be considered. 
  • Applicants are ineligible if they have already taken the Pitch Prep Class 
  • PMust be part of the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, women over 45, or Disabled communities.
  • While 25 Semifinalists will be submitting only one original feature or pilot as Part 2 of their Fellowship application, each applicant's portfolio must have at least 2 completed and polished original scripts (features and/or pilots), with at least a 3rd original script drafted by the beginning of CWP Step 4. If a writer does not have at least 3 completed original scripts in their portfolio by Step 4, they will not be eligible to apply for Top Tier, which is Roadmap's most vetted group of exec-ready writers where most signings take place.   
  • Must have earned less than $25k as a screenwriter. 
  • Must have fewer than 3 produced feature film or TV credits that aired or had distribution. 
  • Must not currently have a literary manager or agent. Writers who have been previously repped are still eligible..
  • Must be able to actively participate in CWP Steps 1-4 back to back throughout 4 months (aka June - September). Special permission would need to be requested for a one-time, one-month delay between two steps in order to retain the Diversity Fellowship prize without reapplying. If a prize winner does not attend or come prepared to participate in the supermajority of sessions for any given CWP Step, their prize will be canceled. The writer would then have to resubmit as part of a future applicant pool in order to be considered to complete the Career Writer Program. 
  • We do not accept updated drafts or revised statements. Please review your entry for accuracy prior to submitting.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • All submissions must be in PDF format.
  • Personal statements must be no more than 500 words. 
  • Pilot scripts must not exceed 65 pages. Feature scripts must not exceed 120 pages. All submissions must adhere to standard industry margins and font.
  • The competition is open to pilot and feature scripts of all genres.
  • Script must be written in English in 12-point courier font.
  • Do NOT cheat in an effort to reduce your page count, your script will be disqualified. As a standard rule, 1.5” left, 1” right and 1” top and bottom dimensions are acceptable.
  • It is recommended that you do not include your name, WGA registration number and/or Copyright information.
  • While it is not a requirement, we encourage writers to register their script with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or Writers Guild of America.
  • All scripts submitted will remain the property of the writer(s). Neither Roadmap Writers nor any of its judges, partners, and/or their respective companies assume any attachment to your work.
  • Scripts submitted in the competition must NOT have been previously optioned, purchased or produced at the time of entry.
  • Screenwriters who have had previous feature or pilot screenplays produced and distributed by non-independent means are ineligible.
  • No TV specs may be submitted (i.e. Veep spec, The Office spec, etc).
  • Must be an original idea; free and clear of any copyright issues.
  • Material must be the original work of the submitter(s).
  • Neither Roadmap Writers nor any of its judges and/or competition partners investigate or confirm the authenticity of an entrant’s authorship rights or claim.
  • Material written by writing teams must be submitted by one of the writers, with consent of the other(s).
  • If a writing team progresses in the process, the person who submits the personal statement should also submit the script. They will be the one notified of any progression and/or prize. If a writing team becomes the prize winner or runner-up, both writing partners will be allowed to participate in the full prize, as long as they continue to work on the same project together through each step.   
  • Roadmap Writers is not responsible for any technical issue(s) that may arise from electronic submission.
  • Roadmap Writers reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change or modify these terms at any time without notice.
  • By entering this competition, you agree to receive competition updates via email and periodic marketing emails from Roadmap Writers. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Roadmap Writers reserves the right not to pick a winner and/or a runner-up from a given applicant pool if we don't find a candidate whose writing and interview skills are ready for the Career Writer Program. Deadlines and announcement dates are subject to change. 

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