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Leon Masters



LEON MASTERS, a gay trans man, is a genre writer who fuses the othering of supernatural creatures and real-world horrors to explore issues facing transgender and other marginalized folks. Raised in the proudly weird, small central coast hippie-town and former Murder Capital of the World, Santa Cruz, California, he developed an off-beat sense of humor when it comes to tackling serious issues, and is heavily influenced by his background where cults, ghost-hunts and séances felt like the norm.

​Leon has a background in fine arts, photography, and design.  After undergrad, he worked for on several short videos, live events, and film volunteer projects in multiple capacities in the Bay Area. During that time, he created a short film and micro-micro-budget feature as director, co-writer, and producer.

He earned an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA in 2019. While there, Leon came out as transgender, which radically changed, but ultimately enriched his perspective as a writer. He writes crime thriller, supernatural horror, and science fiction teleplays and features.

Leon currently works as a substitute teacher and a screenplay coverage writer. In his off time, he enjoys practicing banjo, pole-fitness, and still participating in seemingly successful seances and unsuccessful ghost-hunts with his black cat in tow.


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