Humans First Initiative



Since we launched, one of our favorite mottos at Roadmap Writers is “You’re a human first and a writer second.” Execs are always seeking writers with fresh voices and that’s what we crave at Roadmap. 

Roadmap looks for the humanity of each writer to help best match them with execs/reps. This isn’t just LA-based companies. We have been meeting reps all over London to help get a better sense of what they are looking for. Our last trip to the UK had us working with so many UK/European writers in-person, which led to multiple signings.

This session will include a script review and bio/brand/logline feedback. We will even do marketing to execs and reps if the script is ready!

One of the reasons why Roadmap has been so successful in helping writers secure representation is because reps trust us to put the best writers in front of them.
We are not a technology-driven company and, like so many of you, are worried about the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). For us, it’s always been about humanity. And we want to meet more of YOU.

That's why we're excited to launch our first ever international Humans First Initiative where we'll be traveling around the world to meet writers in person for private coaching, group sessions, and networking mixers.

After you sign up, we will email you to work out schedule with you!

Check out our initiative dates and locations:


Los Angeles

Available through end of 2024!

In Person 1-hour Consults with JOEY TUCCIO 

The Roadmap Promise

Roadmap Writers prides itself on the quality of executives we bring to our programs and we work hard to get you the best feedback possible.

Our vetted executives are chosen by the legitimacy of the companies they work for and their ability to evaluate pitches and pages.

Only the executives you sign up for will be provided with your materials.