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FAROOK QAIS, born and raised in the UK with South Asian heritage, had a tumultuous upbringing marked by significant upheaval. Growing up he found companionship in a diverse group of friends. Still connected to many, they now range from doctors to criminals. Despite the challenges, Farook's passion for storytelling emerged early, as he began creating characters at the age of 5.

After graduating from the University of Greenwich, London with a Bachelor's degree in Creative Industries, Farook channeled his creative energy into writing novels before delving into the world of screenwriting. His strength lies in his ability to breathe life into characters, weaving narratives with drama, evolving relationships, and emotive storytelling. His writing reflects a deep-seated desire to succeed and a commitment to bringing to the screen a genuine reflection of his life and diverse experiences. Farook aspires to share narratives that resonate with authenticity and capture the richness of his own journey.

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