Connor Pritchard - BIO





I was raised by a family of storytellers. It’s in my genes. My father is a comedian turned youth counselor. My mother managed the comedy club where they met. Around our dinner table, we never discussed report cards or homework, we took turns telling funny real-life stories. A good story is our family’s currency. Generating, crafting and sharing stories has become my life-long passion.

For the past decade, I’ve been working in the Hollywood trenches. I’ve created two TV shows and I was a showrunner on my last one (most challenging thing I’ve ever done). Selling TV shows can take years and the conditions have to be just right.

In between shows, I’m a freelance creative for brands. I’ve written everything from animated commercials to tone of voice guides. I love to work in the brand space because I don’t have to hunt it down. Freelance works finds me and I can use my skills to infuse materials with more story, humor and excitement. 

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